Some Hot Tips on How to
Attract Leo

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If you want to successfully attract Leo, just try out the following secret tips.

Attraction goes beyond your looks. You don't need the looks of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to attract somebody.

Attraction is about your total appearance and being, about the way you behave...

...or not ;-)

It's a way to get irresistibly noticed in a very subtle way... a point of no return.

Learn how to attract Leo by incorporating some basic astrological principles and skills to raise your WOW-factor.

How to attract the Leo Woman
How to attract the Leo Man

How to attract the Leo Woman

Leo is a fixed fire sign with an acute sense of her own existence and self-awareness.

If you want to attract Leo, stay cool and calm.

You will only attract Leo if you are stable and commanding.

Relax and pretend she's your sister.

Leo is just a big cat. Like a cat, if you try and pet her, you’ll never catch up to her.

But act chill around cats – even ignore them – and you’ll have them crawling all over you.

Ask her advice or opinion. This will bring her in the center of attention.

If you want to attract Leo, don't impose yourself.

Always add some humor into what you say or do if you want to get noticed to Leo.

Leo is the 3rd sign counting from the 3rd sign (Gemini).

This means that the topics and principles related to the 3rd sign (Gemini) are hers.

Now you will understand why you can attract Leo by the art of sexy talk!

Impress Leo by mannerly behaviour and humor.

Show you have a social life and that you want to have fun too.

Also, read our Leo seduction page for some additional tips to seduce the female Leo.

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How to attract the Leo Man

This fixed fire sign is like charcoal, a constant bundle of energy and fire.

If you are dark skinned, have long hair and know to dance, you are advantaged.

Leo is "The King" sign and looks for a "Queen."

Attract Leo by making a compliment of two or three or four...

Look up at him openly.

Take him out for an expensive and exquisite drink.

Leo is the sign of drama and the theatre: why don't you invite him to the theatre?

Discuss his opinion about children.

Take him to some grand events, premieres or French restaurants.

Always add some humor into what you say or do if you want to get noticed to Leo.

According to relationship expert Sarah Paul you should try to draw the man to your femininity in a variety of ways.

Leos love a flirt!

According to relationship expert Amy Waterman, a woman who flirts shows men that not only is she fun-loving and sociable, but she's also approachable.

Also, read our Leo seduction page for some additional tips to seduce the male Leo.

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