Fidelity In The Natal Chart

Was He Born To Love You?

We already discussed the subject of infidelity by analyzing the natal charts of cheaters and trying to find common astrological configurations and planetary alignments that presage infidelity.

Because we have more (reliable) data of male cheaters than we have of female cheaters, the results found in male charts are more conclusive than the results found in female natal charts .

There really are planetary pictures and alignments in the natal charts that are closely linked to infidelity.

Life seems not to be that 'free' at all as we assume or wish.

If infidelity is part of your current life-map or 'pre-birth contract', no doubt it should and will show up in your natal chart -- and will manifest.

Because finding reliable data of cheaters is very difficult (most often, cheaters deny their behavior or lie about it), we have been trying to find astrological indications of faithful people.

However, considering that the majority of people do cheat, this research project was even more difficult to start because of a lack of available and reliable birth information.

Even people who claim they have never cheated are not to be believed till really proven otherwise.

People seldom walk their talk!

From our experience with clients, everyone is or can be a potential cheater -- without judging the act of cheating!

Only the few who have a specific trait or asset (that we are trying to find astrologically now) are faithful.

It's like finding a needle in a haystack though....

Because of the lack of numerous natal charts, our research results are not conclusive and cannot yet be used to build theories on.

However, they give some ideas and clues what to look for if you want some certainty to find out if you are or your partner is faithful.

It will take lots and lots of more research to validate our findings, but our research project about fidelity in the natal chart is still ongoing and we will update the results anytime new reliable birth information becomes available.

So, what astrological indications favor fidelity instead of infidelity?

Before discussing the astrological configurations, we are looking for natal charts which show:

  • a low sex drive.

    Indeed, it's proven that people with a high sex drive almost always cheat.

    They just have to live their urges.

  • a strong or firm (self-contained and/or self-controlled) attitude.

    Restraint is a very important trait when talking about fidelity. 

  • a rather selective nature.

  • low bodily interests (the focus is not on one's physique but on mental or cerebral or spiritual interests)

In no particular order, the following astrological configurations may indicate fidelity rather than infidelity:

  • the so-called 'minister-priest aspects' (found by the very keen astrologer Nance McCullough): Mercury conjunct Jupiter and/or Mercury conjunct Venus.

    Both conjunctions are significant in the charts we researched and may be an important part of an astrological fidelity signature!

  • Saturn conjunct Pluto (though this is a generational aspect, other configurations must be present too to confirm fidelity)
  • Saturn is intercepted in the horoscope of a male nativity.

    An interception occurs when a planet (in this case Saturn) is posited in a zodiac sign that is not touched by a house cusp.

    The zodiac sign as well as the planet is wholly closed within a house in the natal chart.
  • The following Venus containments may be important.

    A Venus containment occurs when there are three adjacent planets/bodies in the natal chart viewed in a counter-clockwise direction and Venus being the middle one.

    Especially the first two listed containments are important:

    * Venus between the Sun and Saturn

    * Venus between Saturn and Pluto

    * Venus between Saturn and Neptune

    * Venus between Pluto and Uranus

    * Venus between Saturn and the Moon

    * Venus between Jupiter and Pluto or Venus between Pluto and Jupiter

Obviously, a single configuration does not predict anything.

Indeed, you can't judge the cover of a puzzle by a single piece in isolation or alone!

And here's where lots of researchers go wrong by focusing on one single configuration.

If you are planning to look for fidelity in the natal chart, we recommend you first start to look for INfidelity, because cheating is so common and widespread.

If you find many infidelity configurations as listed on our infidelity pages, you should not look for any fidelity signatures anymore because it will make no sense.

Face it: your partner or target will cheat or has cheated in the past.

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