Some Hot Tips on How to
Attract Sagittarius

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If you want to successfully attract Sagittarius, just try out the following secret tips.

Attraction goes beyond your looks. You don't need the looks of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to attract somebody.

Attraction is about your total appearance and being, about the way you behave...

...or not ;-)

It's a way to get irresistibly noticed in a very subtle way... a point of no return.

Learn how to attract Sagittarius by incorporating some basic astrological principles and skills to raise your WOW-factor.

How to attract the Sagittarius Woman
How to attract the Sagittarius Man

How to attract the Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign characterized by its contagious enthusiasm and zest for life, always in for some fun and laughter.

She craves to be liked.

If you can get the Sagittarius woman laughing while she’s relaxed and comfortable with you – AND admiring your manly confidence – then you create that magical formula to attract Sagittarius.

You trigger her ATTRACTION and make an atmosphere where she’s willing to act on it.

But, you may ask, how to make the atmosphere?

Don’t be mean, but don’t be shy either.

Attract Sagittarius by inviting her for a walk, visiting another city and asking her about her life's philosophy.

Invite her to an outdoor event.

Also, read our Sagittarius seduction page for some additional tips to seduce the female Sagittarius.

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How to attract the Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius is the traveler, always on the move.

If you are playful and adventurous, tall and blond, you are more advantaged to attract Sagittarius.

Act as though your are very busy, that you have a full calendar and that you are always on the go.

Attract Sagittarius by appearing confident.

Have faith in the future and have your own opinions to express.

Try to see the bigger picture when you want to attract Sagittarius because he can't stand a narrow view of life.

This mutable fire sign always has a grand vision and a broad view.

Ask his advice on the best spot to go or on the best outdoor gear.

Challenge him for an outdoor event or activity and see if he dares to take heroic and risky actions.

According to relationship expert Amy Waterman, men love women of all shapes and sizes, but the most irresistible women have two things in common: they're healthy and vibrant.

Men don't want to be with a woman whom they think lets herself go!

If you want to attract sports-minded and outdoorsy Sagittarius, this is a golden rule that you must take into account!

Don't be too clingy.

Also, read our Sagittarius seduction page for some additional tips to seduce the male Sagittarius.

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