Signs Of Cheating
In Female Horoscopes

We analyzed 58 natal charts of unfaithful women for signs of cheating (Updated December 2023).

We got some significant results even if we have such a small amount of horoscopes with reliable birth information.

If you want to know how we conduct our research, click here.

Some indications are the same that can be found in horoscopes of male cheaters, but there is a difference too and that's why we split up our investigation.

This leads us to the conclusion that there are astrological patterns and configurations in the natal chart that point to the predisposition of adultery!

Click here to find out some facts about infidelity.

Click here to look at some infidelity statistics collected by Sarah Kirton.

If you can't live with the thought that your partner is unfaithful, you better know in advance these signs of infidelity that we found in the horoscopes of people who committed adultery.

Below you can find the most powerful and reliable signs of cheating found in 58 natal horoscopes of females (with accurate birth information).

Unfortunately, this is not enough to find patterns and build reliable theories on.

It's still odd that we can find more birth data of male cheaters but we're continuously searching to feed our database with female data too.

So, if you want to know if your partner (wife, lover or whomever) is unfaithful, check our signs of cheating now below but don't jump to conclusions too soon because the results are premature and far from complete!

If you want to know what the below-mentioned Chi squares mean, click here to read about it in our FAQ section.

What are these signs of cheating in female horoscopes?

Because of the rather small database, we still cannot build fully reliable astrological signatures pointing to infidelity in the natal chart of women, but we do have found the following recurring patterns and astrological configurations that are statistically often found in such natal charts.

Planets in signs or houses

  • the Moon in Aries (chi square 7.2) and especially in the 2nd and 3rd decanate (between 10°-29°59' that is)

    This is the same indication found in the horoscopes of male cheaters.

    The Moon in fiery and impulsive Aries, sign of excitation and primal urges, seems to "favor" adultery for both sexes.

  • the Sun in Aquarius (chi square 18.2) and especially in the 1st and 2nd decanate (between 0°-19°59' that is)

    This means that statistically often, Aquarian women tend to cheat, as far as our research stands...

  • Uranus in the 5th house (chi square 5.4)
  • Aquarius rising (on the Ascendant) (chi square 8.4)
  • Venus in the 12th house (chi square 12.0)
  • the 5th house cusp (Topocentric/Placidus house system) in Libra (chi square 7.2)
  • the Moon in the 12th house (chi square 7.4)
  • Jupiter in the 7th house (chi square 7.1)

Planetary aspects

  • the Moon inconjunct Uranus (orb 3°) (chi square 12.0)
  • Uranus square the Ascendant-Descendant axis (orb 6°) (chi square 7.2)
  • the Moon conjunct Venus (orb 3°) (chi square 49.0)
  • Mars opposite the MC (orb 3°) (chi square 32.3)
  • Mars square Uranus (orb 1°) (chi square 25.0)
  • Venus square Pluto 'orb 1°) (chi square 25.0)
  • the Moon trine Uranus (orb 1°) (chi square 28.0)


  • the ruler of the 10th house cusp (MC) in Libra (chi square 21.1)
  • the ruler of the 9th house in the 4th house (chi square 11.0)
  • the dispositor of Venus is in Aries (chi square 33.8)
  • the ruler of the 12th house conjunct the ruler of the 10th house (orb 6°) (chi square 16.0)
  • the ruler of the 8th house opposite Mars (orb 6°) (chi square 31.1)
  • the ruler of the 8th house square Juno (orb 3°) (chi square 28.8)
  • the ruler of the 4th house trine Mars (orb 6°) (chi square 18.2)
  • the Sun as the ruler of the 5th house square the MC (orb 3°) (chi square 25.0)
  • the ruler of the 4th house square Venus (orb 6°) (chi square 15.0)
  • the ruler of the 4th house conjunct the ruler of the 7th house (orb 6°) (chi square 19.0)
  • the ruler of the 12th house trine the ruler of the 1st house (orb 6°) (chi square 15.0)
  • the ruler of the 7th house trine the ruler of the 1st house (orb 6°) (chi square 12.0)
  • the ruler of the 4th house square Neptune (orb 6°) (chi square 12.0)
  • the ruler of the 5th house sextile the Ascendant (orb 3°) (chi square 12.0)
  • Jupiter as the ruler of the 11th house in a Ptolemaic aspect to the 5th house cusp (orb 3°) (chi square 11.0)

The midpoints (45° dial/list) (orb 1°)

  • MO/VE = AS (chi square 16.0)
  • UR/NE = VE (chi square 21.0)
  • UR/NE = MO (chi square 18.2)
  • MO/UR = NE (chi square 15.3)

    What both midpoints may indicate is that any midpoint combination between the Moon - Uranus - Neptune can be part of an infidelity signature in the natal horoscopes of women

  • ME/VE = Black Moon (chi square 32.3)
  • Juno/AS = PL (chi square 12.5)
  • MO/AS = SO (chi square 9.8)
  • VE/MC = KN (chi square 33.6)

Other configurations

  • the 5th house contains an intercepted sign (chi square 7.2)
  • a waxing gibbous Moon phase (chi square 6.3)
  • Venus and Mars are in adjacent signs (chi square 12.0)

Consider this: one midpoint or astrological configuration does not make one unfaithful.

We recall that you can't judge the cover of a puzzle by reading or taking just one single piece of it in isolation.

Different statistically significant configurations may present a red flag that may confirm infidelity though.

Because of the small database, we were not yet able to build a model that predicts in an infallible way infidelity in the female charts, however, we already have built a model that shows the potential.

Every time we receive other data (we love to receive accurate birth data) we'll re-analyze all the horoscopes again.

If we find other indications or signs of cheating, we'll update this page.

Hope this will be of any help -- before you commit to someone too much!

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