Some Hot Tips on How to
Attract Taurus

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If you want to successfully attract Taurus, just try out the following secret tips.

Attraction goes beyond your looks. You don't need the looks of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to attract somebody.

Attraction is about your total appearance and being, about the way you behave...

...or not ;-)

It's a way to get irresistibly noticed in a very subtle way... a point of no return.

Learn how to attract Taurus by incorporating some basic astrological principles and skills to raise your WOW-factor.

How to attract the Taurus Woman
How to attract the Taurus Man

How to attract the Taurus Woman

Taurus is all about "fixed earth", matter and material goods that is.

Put in another way, it's about physical goods...

... and the body.

If you want to attract a female Taurus, you should pay attention to her body.

However, don't look at her breasts.

If the female Taurus catches you looking for even a one thousand of a second you've lost all your chances.

Touch her innocently, in a very light and gentle way, from the start.

Touch is a major and most powerful nonverbal sexual cue.

It doesn’t have to be anything sexual – in fact, it’s much better if it isn’t!

Female Taurus wants to feel comfortable in her own body: yes, she's very self-contained.

And you will only attract Taurus if you can give her that comfortable feeling.

What does this mean?

  • don't talk about sex immediately
  • appear steady and confident
  • be comfortable with yourself

Taurus is very set in her ways and this zodiac sign is a real set of (fixed) habits.

You will not attract Taurus by trying to break her habits.

Just try to become part of her habits and agenda.

Buy her a small and soft cuddly toy.

The first impression is crucial to the Taurus woman.

If you are tall and have blue eyes, you are advantaged.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus has a tremendous love of nature, plants and ecology.

These topics may be good openers if you want to attract Taurus.

You may be able to attract Taurus if you have "quality" (the look and personality, a sense of humor,...).

Taurus is a "mute" sign, denoting that it communicates more and better in a non-verbal way.

Also, read our Taurus seduction page for some additional tips to seduce the female Taurus.

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How to attract the Taurus Man

This fixed earth sign is the most physical one of the zodiac.

Men are very visual and the male Taurus is the more so because tangible goods and the physical body keep most of his interest.

That's why, more than ever, it's important to decide how you dress, apply your makeup and/or style your hair if you want to attract Taurus.

According to relationship expert Sarah Paul wearing feminine clothes such as a skirt or blouse can be perfect to attract the man of your dreams.

The clothes you wear, along with showing a hint of leg, or a bit of skin (not too much!) act as a subtle tantalizer.

Don't bathe in fragrance and don't wear your hair in your face (which indicates insecurity and shyness).

Carefully select the colors you want to wear.

Red clothing gets noticed, which is great because the male Taurus is such a visual creature.

This will work like a red rag to the bull ;-)

However, don't forget a touch of blue either, because it's a very pleasing and gentle color to the eye.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute, blue is soothing and calming.

Some Taureans can be attracted by an earth color, so getting dressed in some white/taupe/sand dress may also attract Taurus.

Attract Taurus by touching him innocently in an appropriate way from the start.

This is a most powerful and hot tip.

It's a deadly mistake to completely and solely rely on physical attraction if you want a meaningful relationship.

Good looks don't matter.

Attract Taurus by asking him if he loves a massage and make an appointment.

Do understand that attracting Taurus can be a whole process, because Taurus is the slowest sign of the zodiac.

Take your time but be persistent - the way Taurus is.

You are advantaged though if you are somewhat older than him.

Asking too much may result in him building a fence or wall.

Feel light and at ease to attract serious and down-to-earth Taurus and lightly dominate him.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus has a tremendous love of nature, plants and ecology.

These topics may be good openers if you want to attract Taurus.

Also, read our Taurus seduction page for some additional tips to seduce the male Taurus.

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