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To understand the concept of Venus Saturn connections we first have to go back into the past for a moment.

In the early 1980s a "new" approach of assessing major themes in a natal chart saw the light by the "invention" of the so-called "ZIP Code."

It was a method invented by Dr. Zipporah Dobyns (hence the name "ZIP Code") and further propagated by her daughter Maritha Pottenger, that made use of the so-called astrological alphabet.

The concept of the astrological alphabet is that astrology deals with twelve basic ways of being, twelve human drives and modes of operation that are all needed in this world.

These twelve sides of life are mirrored in the natal chart by a planet, a house and a sign.

So it is in the astrological alphabet that Mars, the 1st house and Aries all share the same principles (though they are NOT the same!). Venus, the 2nd house and Taurus also share the same principles and this goes on for the other planets, signs and houses.

What the theory of the ZIP Code or astrological alphabet presents is that certain groups of planet/house/sign combinations share similar themes.

For example: Mars in Libra or Mars in the 7th house share the same principles. The 7th house is in mundane astrology a Libra house (whatever zodiac sign is on the cusp of the 7th house in the natal chart).

This system has been enhanced by German astrologers who developed their own system based on the same principles but they converted the signs and houses to their respective planetary rulers.

For example: Mars in Capricorn becomes a Mars/Saturn theme because Saturn always rules Capricorn.

Mars in the 10th house too becomes a Mars/Saturn theme because the 10th house is associated with Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn in mundane astrology.

Also, the ruler of the 1st house (in mundane astrology ruled by Mars because Mars always rules Aries and Aries is always the 1st sign in the natural order of the zodiac) in the 2nd house (in mundane astrology ruled by Venus as the ruler of Taurus) is another Venus-Mars analogy.

The more we find such analogies, themes or connections between two planets, the more this planetary combination becomes an important part of the natal chart and the life of the native.

To find out the connections or analogies between planets, we take especially into account:

  • planets in zodiac signs
  • planets in houses
  • the aspects between planets (the tighter the stronger)
  • the rulerships
  • solstice points

Planets in houses are more important and powerful than the planets in the zodiac signs because they work on a more personal and individual level (we use the Topocentric house system which gives almost the same results as the Placidus house system).

When do we have Venus Saturn connections, themes or analogies?

In most cases, the following configurations are used (there are more though (!) to define Venus Saturn connections but this would lead us too far and make it more complicated than necessary):

  • Venus in the 10th house
  • Saturn in the 2nd or the 7th house
  • the ruler of the 10th house in the 7th house
  • the ruler of the 7th house in the 10th house
  • the ruler of the 2nd house in the 10th house
  • the ruler of the 10th house in the 2nd house
  • Venus in a close conjunction, square or opposition with Saturn (eventually, a close sextile or trine counts too but in a minor way)
  • Venus at the solstice point of Saturn
  • Saturn in Libra or Taurus
  • Venus in Capricorn

When at least three of the above listed analogies or connections can be found in the natal chart, we have a very powerful Venus Saturn connection that will be felt and noticed in the character and life of the native.

What do Venus Saturn connections signify?

Venus and Saturn have principles that actually don't blend very well. Venus has a soft and charming side while Saturn is harder and stiffer...

Venus represents beauty (and the skin, the soft tissue as organ of sensation and temperature regulator) and harmony and needs others to find balance.

Saturn too represents the skin (the outer part) as protective integument and prefers more solitude and formalities, boundaries and limitations.

Hence, it signifies 'the mask', the crust and boundaries of everything.

The Venus Saturn connection is the 'formal beauty'.

German empirical research has shown that natal charts of top models have statistically significantly more Venus-Saturn connections than average.

When Venus and Saturn combine, we get a strange combo of loneliness and a feeling of being lonely vs. singular elite-consciousness ('I do it myself').

Persons with dominant Venus Saturn connections vacillate between both poles and have it difficult to find balance.

In most instances, limiting Saturn works against the urges of Venus to encounter and relate to people.

This makes for not too many friendships and relationships. It severely reduces the natural urge to bond.

Don't expect many friends, if at all.

The connection makes one more private and at times even shy (depending upon other aspects, configurations or connections).

Having this connection strong in the natal chart presages tragedy in matters of love.

The hard and heavy burden that Saturn imposes upon sensitive Venus can be quite powerful.

If Saturn represents (part of our) Karma, then it brings Karma to the relationship and love area.

It's a heart-breaking connection (love hurts here!) that brings real love only late in life.

Saturn here represents 'Father Time' and everything that takes time...

To (over)compensate the limiting influences of love, Venus Saturn connections are highly significantly found in natal charts of people who work in the medical or social fields and who have the desire to protect 'the other' or to bring security in the life of 'the other'.

In other words, Saturn builds a protective fence.

In case a person with very strong Venus Saturn connections finds a lover, the relationship tends to become rigid and love develops into a work of duty (rather than love).

Duty calls!

Hence, the person can become a very powerful and responsible helping hand when the partner gets ill or when tragedy hits the partner.

Persons with Venus Saturn connections find status and esteem extremely important. They want to protect their fame and esteem to the outer world.

The life expectations are (most often) too high to cope with though.

Not being able to cope with too high expectations (of 'the other', the lover or partner) results in withdrawal and the need to be alone.

The connections then point to a melancholic person.

One of the most odd/peculiar characteristics of this connection is that people who have such a very strong connections in the natal chart assimilate external information with (at times a huge) delay (here's Saturn at work!).

So it is, for example, that it may take the person months before understanding a subtle message of love.

The brain needs long to process the information before the Aha-moment pops up in the consciousness of the person.

Needless to say that love seldom waits and with the subtle messages go the lovers, leaving the person who has strong Venus Saturn connections in the horoscope alone.

Again..., repeating the cycle of heartbreak.

Because Saturn represents what is cold, Venus Saturn connections bring quite detached and distant behavior to the foreground.

There is hesitation in relating or building relationships.

The Venus Saturn connections represent LESS sexual urges. Loyalty and trust prevail and go far beyond sexual experiences.

The person with prominent Venus Saturn connections is not interested in sex as such but is rather interested in social commitment and/or helping others instead.

Relationships tend to need lots of trust and time to develop into a sexual relationship.

People with a strong Venus Saturn connection love uniforms (which represent another side of the definition of the 'formal beauty'), making it much easier for them to fall in love with people who wear uniforms.

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