Venus Aspects In The Natal Chart

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Venus aspects describe your relationships (in a general sense) more than you might think.

Venus is the general significator for love and relationships in a natal horoscope. Through the different aspects with other points and planets, Venus is "colored", shapen and molded -- and so is your love life.

All planetary aspects from another point or planet to natal Venus have a particular signification for your love life. Below we will delineate all planetary aspects, but only in their purest form.

That is to say that we only delineate the planetary principles without the intervention of another (3rd or 4th or...) planet or body. In other words, we only blend TWO planetary principles, modified by the aspects.

Let's take a look.

The Sun and Venus can never be more than 48° apart, building only a conjunction, semi-sextile or semi-square. When one of these three aspects are exact, Venus beautifies the body (represented by the Sun), except when the conjunction is exact within 16' (orb no more than 0°16').

In some instances, the outer appearance of the native becomes a focus point in the life of the native one way or the other. The native may have a big ego and be proud of him- or herself.

The tight conjunction may denote a huge difficulty to find Mr. or Ms. Right. The native is too much in love with love.

The semi-sextile seems to bring or indicate early love experiences and often a happy youth.

The semi-square between the Sun and Venus may denote a distance between your lover (often due to work). The native may have a responsible job that takes lots of his or her time (and less time for love...).

All Venus aspects to the Moon make the native rather naive and emotionally fickle. There may be a need to be mothered.

In many instances, any aspect between both points results in possessive behavior and the need to touch (except when the Moon squares or inconjuncts Venus that may show reluctancy and even aversion to touch the other).

Moon-Venus contact are passive and denote a rather lazy nature.

Both planets can never be more than 78° apart, only building a conjunction, semi-sextile, semi-square, sextile or a Quintile (72°). It brings quite some charm and quite often a beautiful voice too.

Venus aspects to Mercury are one of the most diplomatic combinations, detesting harsh arguments and disputes. The native is able to talk you into something (for good or bad).

It may be a highly seductive aspect but it's NOT a sexual aspect at all. Sexual interests are lived in the head rather than experienced physically.

The sextile and trine aspects bring lots of charm (even more than the Mercury-Venus aspects).

The native is perfectly able to look after him- or herself, especially when there is a conjunction between both planets.

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The conjunction is related to passion and very creative (artistic) desires.

For a more in-depth analysis of the Venus-Mars conjunction, click here.

The square and inconjunct (quincunx) both point to disagreements between men and women and may bring difficulties in the love life and/or marriage.

Not all your love needs will be met.

It may point to infidelity too (not always from the native, it may also be related to the partner).

The square aspect brings turbulent relationships.

The expectations regarding the own love life run too high.

In female charts, especially the exact square (orb 0° 00'-0°01') may result in divorce, which our own empirical research regarding the Venus Mars square has confirmed.

All Venus aspects to Mars denote the need for a lively and active relationship.

You may easily feel bored and need a continuous "push" in your relationships to survive.

Otherwise the relationship may become boring, resulting in infidelity or separation/divorce.

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All natal Venus aspects to Jupiter, that is between Fortuna minor (Venus) and Fortuna Major (Jupiter), are considered positive.

However, with Jupiter there is a possibility to overdo, to exaggerate.

Anyway, it's a highly popular combination that makes the native well-known and popular, whatever the aspect. You easily admire other people AND, above all, your partner.

The square between Venus and Jupiter denotes a separation, eventually that the partner may die first. The native has to learn that each person is responsible for his or her own deeds.

All aspects bring (naive) enthusiasm.

Venus and Saturn never blend well, in whatever aspect they are. Saturn is too cold and distant for Venus -- who enjoys company.

So, even when Venus and Saturn are sextile or trine each other, expect quite some difficulties and especially restrictions in your love life.

The sextile and trine aspects (and in a minor way the conjunction) delay love but never deny it. Love only comes later in life (and in some cases very late!).

You may be a very hard worker and a very responsible one too.

Also, all Venus aspects to Saturn bring disappointing love experiences, leaving you wonder if you will ever find Mr. or Ms. Right.

The square and opposition (and sometimes the conjunction too, depending on other aspects) bring bitter love experiences.

You may feel or be rejected, feel inadequate. As a result it often happens that you start to build a wall that nobody can pull down anymore.

In many instances we have found that, whatever the aspect, with Venus aspects to Saturn, there may be a huge age difference between the partners and/or some severe sacrifices that have to be done.

Love hurts when these planets blend together.

Also, the native with such an aspect is very willing to sacrifice his or her life for the partner too and will often feel obliged to help the other.

Whatever the aspect, both planets together never indicate a flamboyant love union.

Instead, it's one of deep and loyal friendship, responsibility, trust and sincere feelings (especially with the conjunction, sextile or trine).

For some, this may seem to be a boring relationship, but actually, it's about being loyal and faithful too.

The inconjunct points to separations, divorce or deaths etc.

The conjunction, square and opposition denote the need to feel totally free, and pull away from an intimate love union.

These are separative aspects resulting in separation, divorce or, in a more auspicious way, not seeing each other often.

The other Venus aspects to Uranus are freedom-loving too but can handle it in a more charming way.

The native cannot stand to be too long with someone else or with the same person. The relationship cools down quickly when the emotional bond grows.

There often is love at first sight but also short-lived love experiences.

All Venus aspects to Uranus are related to dancing and rhythms -- which the natives love.

In many ways, both planets together bring something weird or unusual to the relationship: a huge age difference with your lover, a lover from a totally different (social) background or culture, extreme physical differences, etc.

Most Venus aspects to Neptune are more related to artistic and creative characteristics so that love is lived on a more supra-personal higher level.

In many instances, the native has it difficult to live in reality and builds dreams resulting in (too) high expectations and disappointments.

The native is not too much interested in sex but can live love in a platonic way.

Both planets together are about (non-physical) romance.

The opposition aspect denotes love that dissolves or that is totally out of reach.

The sesquiquadrate is related to lots of love's sorrow and tearful love experiences. Expect many deceptions in love before meeting Mr. or Ms. Right!

All Venus aspects to Pluto bring indulging intensity in your relationships and love life.

In lots of cases jealousy and possessiveness mark the relationship.

Love unions may have cobweb-like traits, resulting in unhealthy and devastating entanglements.

Both planets blended together may denote a huge fear of rejection, often resulting in clingy and sticky behavior (either from the native or from the partner).

You may get easily absorbed by other people and may not be able to let go, denoting that you may be influenced by "the other" (the more so if the aspect is exact).

Eating disorders are not uncommon with the exact aspects, often resulting in issues about weight.

Also, relationships tend to change over and over from love into hate, hot into (ice-)cold.

Any Venus aspect to Pluto creates a guilty feeling towards the love union.

The inconjunct often denotes the death of a lover and denotes a severe emotional burden.

The opposition is highly forceful and emotionally pushy.

The square aspect between both planets is quite ruthless.

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