The Venus-Mars Quintile and
Bi-Quintile Aspects
Some Empirical Research Results

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Before we delve deeper into the meaning of the Venus-Mars quintile (and bi-quintile), it's appropriate to first mention some information about the quintile aspect.

The quintile aspect (72°) is not widely used in the astrological community, mainly because the aspect is not easily found and not well-researched.

Considering that aspects are based upon the division of the horoscope wheel of 360° in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. it may astonish that not all these divisions are used in reality.

When dividing the horoscope wheel in 5, you get the 72° aspect.

Some astrologers like talking about the Harmonics when dividing the horoscope wheel, a term borrowed from music and science.

The 1st harmonic of the 360° wheel is 360° (or 0° if you wish); the 2nd harmonic is 360°/2 = 180° (the opposition aspect), the 3rd Harmonic is 360°/3 = 120° (the trine aspect), etc.

The 5th Harmonic is 360°/5 = 72° which equates the quintile aspect.

The quintile aspect builds a perfect pentagram in the horoscope wheel which also equals the synodic Venus cycle (Sun-Venus conjunctions).

So, no wonder this aspect is also part of the sacred geometry of Venus (as found in the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci), part of numerous instances (Wicca and magic) and organizations (the Freemasons, gnostics, pagan celts,...).

It might be a very important aspect, just because of its importance in sacred geometry and the Venus cycle or phases.

And that's why we feel the need to research this aspect more in-depth.

Our findings below too confirm its importance.

How We proceed

To analyze the aspects and astrological configurations we make use of the AstroDatabank, which currently contains over 50,000 birth data.

Unlike our statistical research projects, there is no software to help us find common traits and characteristics concerning planetary aspects and there are no control groups and no chi squares etc. either.

On the one hand, the AstroDatabank has numerous categories to find common traits but on the other side, the AstroDatabank is still not detailed and not complete enough.

In our empirical research, we make a difference between the natal charts of men and women and only use birth data with a Rodden Rating of A and higher.

To find the essence of the aspects, we only use a very tight orb of 1°!

This way, we avoid overlapping (unknown or other minor) aspects and know that the aspect will manifest quite strongly.

Beware though: every aspect is part of a larger whole and hardly ever stands alone or apart.

That's why some descriptions may be wrong in some personal instances.

This will especially be the case when other exact aspects (0°00'-0°01' orb) can be found in the natal chart.

Our descriptions are traits and characteristics that can be found in the majority of the cases taken from the AstroDatabank.

The research results for the bi-quintile are less conclusive but still found in many instances and that(s why we still present them.

The Results

Let's first take a look at the research results concerning the Venus-Mars Quintile aspect in the natal chart of men and women.

The Venus-Mars Quintile in the MALE chart

The majority of the men who have this aspect are very sports-minded.

They are fighters, sometimes literally because some renown boxers have this exact aspect.

Another peculiar trait is that males with a tight Venus-Mars quintile most often follow an unusual diet.

They are almost all very tall as well.

The majority of them has 2 children   on average.

Another common trait is the surgery they had, for whatever reason (most often due to physical injuries or illness).

They seem to be cancer-prone too (we mention this because this is unlike females who have this aspect).

The Venus-Mars Quintile in the FEMALE chart

Almost all the natal charts of females with a tight Venus-Mars quintile have a very nice voice and are very vocal.

This means that they use their voice often (like teachers, singers, actors in a theater or TV Hosts etc...).

They are frequently divorced so that this exact aspect seems not to be auspicious when married.

Indeed, the women experience quite some stressful marriages.

Interracial marriages are another common trait found in the natal charts of women with tight Venus-Mars quintiles.

There can be fertility issues of some sort.

They love animals.

Below follow the research results for the Venus-Mars Bi-Quintile aspects in the natal chart of men and women.

The Venus-Mars Bi-Quintile in   the MALE chart (less conclusive)

Above average the men who have this aspect are born in a large family.

They often experience job-related injuries.

Another peculiar trait is death through illness.

The majority of men with a Venus-Mars bi-quintile have issues with the law.

The Venus-Mars Bi-Quintile in the FEMALE chart (less conclusive)

Almost all the natal charts of females with a tight Venus-Mars bi-quintile have something to do with aviation, flights and 'the air or the sky'.

They may experience accidental deaths.

They either have an extremely short or a very long life.

Many women were abused also.

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