Is Juno The Marriage Asteroid
In Astrology?

The Best Sign For You To Love

Different astrologers incorporate the Asteroids in their work. However, using some 10,000s of existing Asteroids in a horoscope would be too much of a good thing.

While it remains unclear yet how to find out the importance, strength and relevance of an Asteroid, it's beyond a doubt that they do work.

There is too much evidence for it and if you want to know more about incorporating the Asteroids in your work, we recommend you study the fabulous works by Martha Lang-Wescott.

Some other recommended authors: Emma Belle Donath, Demetra George, Nona Gwynn Press, Dave Campbell and others.

We too use the Asteroids in our work, though sparely so and with a maximum orb of 1° (or less).

In matters of the heart, there are many Asteroids that can be used.

The most well-known are Juno, Hera, Eros, Cupido-A, Amor, Sappho, Lilith (NOT the Black or Dark Moon Lilith!), Ophelia.

For an overview, click here.

In this article, we'll present Juno, one of the most used Asteroids, gaining more and more interest.

Juno was the Roman Goddess of marriage and childbirth. Hera is the Greek Goddess of marriage and childbirth.

Juno was one of the most important deities and also associated with finances and her functions are much wider than those of the Greek Hera.

In most textbooks, Juno is the metaphor for marriage and the marriage partner.

This seems to be confirmed by our preliminary research findings about the marriage year and the Solar Returns.

The Sun conjunct Juno (orb 3°) is a statistically significant condition found in solar return charts for the year of one's marriage.

According to Martha Lang-Wescott, Juno represents what goes awry and Juno tests the level of commitment and attitude toward fidelity and marriage.

Perhaps, that's why according the Magi Society (a School in astrology) Juno is a sexual "planet" and is symbolic of the mistress, sex without commitment and the one-night stand.

Our own research has NOT yet confirmed their findings. More research is needed here.

Oppositions to Juno have the partner on the "other side of the desk" on a rather continual basis.

The most exact aspect to Juno reveals something about your marriage life.

  • the close Sun-Juno aspect denotes the need to learn to interact harmoniously without ballooning the own ego.

    Anyway, you do need a partner to feel a man or a woman!

  • the close Moon-Juno aspect goes for an emotional and often too sensitive relationship. You tend to mother your partner (for good or for bad).

  • the close Mercury-Juno aspect brings a mental and communicative relationship.

    You may call your partner constantly.

  • the close Venus-Juno aspect needs harmony and beauty/balance.

    No debates and war-like situations but just (too much?) compromises.

    This combo almost always has something artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

  • the close Mars-Juno aspect is a work-related combination. Sometimes, there can be some aggression too.

  • the close Jupiter-Juno aspect is a teacher-pupil aspect. The one partner learns from the other.

    Also, travel with the partner is important to you.

  • the close Saturn-Juno aspect relates to structure and formalities.

    There may be an age difference between the partners.

    Fear of abandonment may be important!

  • the close Uranus-Juno aspect is a very freedom-loving combination.

    It's working in a fraternal way. Expect the unconventional, the unusual.

  • the close Neptune-Juno aspect brings some glamour and admiration into the relationship.

    Mind deceptions though! Also, there is a lot of creativity and artistic talent here.

  • the close Pluto-Juno aspect denotes passion and intensity.

    This may bring overpowering intensity and if you can't stand it, the relationship might break up.

  • the close Juno-Ascendant aspect raises questions about the outer appearance of the partner or oneself in the relationships.

  • the close Juno-MC aspect may bring love at the working floor. Keep an eye on your co-workers if you want to find your future partner!

Finding the position of Juno in the horoscope:

When you go to the Astrodienst AG web site,

  1. go to their free reports section (click on Free Horoscopes in the top navigation bar).

  2. Click on the Extended Chart selection.

  3. Type your birth details where it says at the top or log in.

  4. Scroll down the page and at the bottom of the page there is a box that reads 'Additional objects'.

  5. Below that box, there is another horizontal box which says "Additional asteroids, fixed stars, and other objects, please select from the respective lists below."

  6. Type 3 in the box, and then click the blue button to show the chart and you'll have the position of Asteroid Juno in your horoscope.

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