The Arabic Parts In Your Horoscope

Is He The Right Man For You?

From our own astrological research we can confirm that (some) Arabic Parts make the difference and are extremely important.

They are easily overlooked and we urge you to not underestimate their importance.

That's why we want to make sure you take them into account in your astrological studies.

What are Arabic Parts?

Actually, Arabic Parts are based on an algebraic formula: A + B - C = D in which A, B, C and D are planets, bodies (the Sun, Moon, Pluto, the Asteroids and Trans-Neptunian Planets etc...), angles (Ascendant, MC, IC, Descendant) or other (sensitive) points (the Parts, the Moon's Node, the Black Moon, solstice points etc...).

Further on we will use the notion "planet or point" to cover all bodies, planets, angles, points etc...

An Arabic Part is a planetary picture (a name introduced by the Hamburg School, Uranian Astrology or Alfred Witte's School) or the reflection of planetary geometry (called by other astrological schools or astrologers) based on two dynamic pairs of polarized midpoints (A/B = C/D).

When in the sky or in a horoscope the zodiacal distance of planet/point A to planet/point D is the same as from planet/point B to planet/point C, we have an Arabic Part.

The method is very old, possibly thousands of years old, and nobody really knows yet where and when it originated.

It's, among others, thanks to Al-Biruni, a medieval Islamic astrologer who collected the Parts, that we still know this method.

Because the method may have been used by the Arabs, the parts are named "Arabic or Arabian Parts."

Sometimes, they are also called "Lots" (Lot of Fortune etc.).

Whatever the history and original meanings and use, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Parts (combinations of A + B - C equalling point/planet D) and all have a meaning or significance.

There are different meanings though on how to build the real Parts as some astrologers claim that only the (real) planets (and Ascendant) should be used to build a Part.

We disagree as our own practice and astrological research has shown that everything is interwoven with everything.

That's why you can use a Part as part of another Part as we will show you in a second.

The most well-known Part is the Part of Fortune (which we also use because it's based on one's personal bodies/points: Ascendant, Sun and the Moon).

We do change the formula at night though, because our research has convinced us that this brings more reliable results.

Beside the Part of Fortune, which Arabic Parts have we thus far found to be important in matters of love?

  • the part of Marriage: Ascendant + Descendant - Venus

  • the Part of Self (P1): Ascendant + Ascendant - ruler of the Ascendant

  • the Part of "The Other" (P7): Ascendant + Descendant - ruler of the Descendant

Mind though that there are numerous other Arabic Parts (Part of Attraction, Part of Passion, Part of Sex, Part of Karmic Ties, Part of Fascination, Part of Fated Attractions, etc...) that may or may not be reliable or valuable.

If you want to read about some valid Arabic Parts of Love, click here.

Most astrology software programs list different Parts or Lots.

If you don't have a computer program, there is a neat online Arabic Parts Calculator that you can access in a new tab or window by clicking here.

Here's how to calculate the Arabic Parts by hand:

  • Change the degrees of the zodiac of the planets/points, A, B and C into numbers from 0 to 359; following the list below:

    Aries = 0° to 29°
    Taurus = 30° to 59°
    Gemini = 60° to 89°
    Cancer = 90° to 119°
    Leo = 120° to 149°
    Virgo = 150° to 179°
    Libra = 180° to 209°
    Scorpio = 210° to 239°
    Sagittarius = 240° to 269°
    Capricorn = 270° to 299°
    Aquarius = 300° to 329°
    Pisces = 330° to 359°

  • Add (and subtract) the three respective points and planets so that you get one number

  • Change the number back to the zodiac degree following the same list. This zodiac degree is the position of the Part.

For example: if the Ascendant is at 17° Sagittarius, the Moon at 20° Aries and the Sun at 9° Taurus we can calculate the Part "Ascendant + Moon - Sun."

To calculate "Ascendant + Moon - Sun" we convert the points as follows:
Ascendant 17° Sagittarius = 17 + 240 = 257
+ Moon 20° Rries = 20 + 0 = 20
- Sun 9° Taurus = 9 + 30 = 39
= (257 + 20 - 39) makes 238

Converting 238, the position of the Arabic Part, back to degrees brings us to 28° Scorpio. The Arabic Part is situated at 28° Scorpio.

The Arabic Parts work very strong with a conjunction (for example, if Mercury is at 28° Scorpio, the Part works out).

Next comes the opposition. The aspects have to be EXACT (orb 0° 00' - 0° 01')!

We recommend to use the Arabic Parts in the chart comparison (with progressions, transits, solar returns etc.) and avoid using them in the natal chart alone because the Arabic parts work out, manifest best, when 'triggered' or activated by an external transiting or progressed force (point, body, planet).

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