Planets In the 5th House
Describe Your Love Life!

Was He Born To Love You?

In astrology, the 5th house (opposite the 11th house) in your natal chart represents your love life, your hobbies, heartfelt desires and your own children -- if you have any.

It's a fixed fire house denoting that it's about 'materializing' your emotional needs/emotions. It's thus about the way you can emotionally express yourself in a more creative and tangible way.

Because of the fire element, it's about actions, doing something. Because it's a fixed house, it's also about materializing things.

In the 5th house, we find the need to express and realize ourselves in an emotional and creative way.

Because of the polarity with the 11th house (representing the children of others, group interests and involvements), it also relates to your own self and EGO, your behavior.

The sign(s) on the cusp and in the 5th house describe your behavior and the way you express yourself emotionally, which is another way of expressing love.

Planets in the 5th house color your love life in a certain way.

Below, we only list the planets in the 5th house separately.

In case two or more planets reside in the 5th house, the meaning can alter substantially (in our opinion, you CANNOT blend the meaning of the individual delineations as such -- the outcome seems to be more than the sum of the parts).

It seems that stelliums or multiple conjunctions in the 5th house have their own meaning which still needs further research!

The Sun in the 5th House

  • your ego is influenced by your sexual behavior
  • your life can be all about sex
  • infidelity may occur
  • you want the world to revolve around you

The Moon in the 5th House

  • if you are a man, you tend to be more fertile than the average man
  • you don't look your age
  • you tend to be motherly and need warmth and a hug
  • you love children and will most often have at least one
  • you can be very attractive, erotic and sensual
  • you may feel the need to be pampered and are not commited to the daily duties and realities
  • this is not a good position for doing household activities (which you dislike)
  • you need to be served and helped
  • you are very moody and cyclic in love affairs and sex (not always interested in sex)

Mercury in the 5th House

  • you are very fond of reading
  • you need some verbal stimuli (a teaser) in your life
  • you can be very opinionated though
  • you can be quite critical and calculated

Venus in the 5th House

  • you need playful love and may be in love with love
  • you want to show yourself
  • you are very artistic and aesthetically pleasing
  • you are seductive but may be manipulative also

Mars in the 5th House

  • you may be very attractive
  • your approach is a direct and competitive one
  • you have a continuous compulsion to express yourself and may be quite bossy
  • there may be strong (physical) desires

Jupiter in the 5th House

  • you need playful love
  • often, there are numerous lovers knocking on your door
  • you don't fear sex and are open about it
  • you have a warm disposition that you radiate
  • you need to exercise more or do some physical workouts to remain healthy

Saturn in the 5th House

  • you feel often downgraded
  • there is some fear noticeable of giving too much of yourself
  • you are not very spontaneous and less playful
  • in many cases, there is delay in conceiving or there is childlessness
  • you tend to feel obliged to submit to sex
  • you tend to withdraw and become fearful
  • there is inhibition in your creative self-expression
  • your self-expression is very goal and career oriented
  • this is a stressful position with too high expectations

Uranus in the 5th House

  • you may get pregnant unexpectedly
  • you may be rather unpredictable in your behavior and need unusual, often provocative ways of zelf-expression and sex
  • you cannot stand emotional bonds and easily break up
  • you feel independent through your partner/lover who gives you a secure feeling

Neptune in the 5th House

  • you need a child to feel fulfilled
  • in female charts, this position denotes "forbidden" love(rs)
  • in male charts, this often denotes the longing for a fragile and overly sensitive lover
  • sex gets a mystical meaning
  • love is and has to be tender
  • there are secret love affairs and often unfulfilled desires
  • you can be a good actor

Pluto in the 5th House

  • you tend to be the victim of forceful power issues
  • you may feel guilty about sex
  • you can be a good actor
  • you are not spontaneous and can act in a formal and rigid way

The Moon's North Node in the 5th House

  • you need to express your love for a single person instead of a group
  • do not pay too much attention to your friends as they are not always helpful or reliable
  • children will mark a mile stone in your life

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