The Venus-Uranus Conjunction
in the Natal Chart
Some Empirical Research Results

In this article we present our empirical research regarding the Venus Venus conjunction (aspect of 0°) in the natal chart.

How We proceed

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To analyze the aspects and astrological configurations we, at Cosmic Technologies, make use of the AstroDatabank, which currently contains far over 50,000 birth data.

Unlike our statistical research projects, there is no software to help us find common traits and characteristics concerning planetary aspects and there are no control groups and no chi squares etc. that we use either.

On the one hand, the AstroDatabank has numerous categories to find common traits but on the other side, the AstroDatabank is still not detailed and not complete enough.

In our empirical research, we make a difference between the natal charts of men and women and only use birth data with a Rodden Rating of A and higher.

Also, we make a difference between male and female horoscopes as life events and experiences do differ.

To find the essence of the aspects, we used an orb of 3°.

Mind though: every aspect is part of a larger whole and hardly ever stands alone or apart.

That's why some descriptions may be wrong in some personal instances.

This will especially be the case when other exact aspects (0°00'-0°01' orb) can be found in the natal chart because these will overrule the less exact ones.

Our descriptions are traits and characteristics that can be found in the majority of the cases taken from the AstroDatabank.

The Results

Natal Venus-Uranus conjunctions in female charts

Though there were not enough data to find a lot of characteristics, the following ones still jumped out.

Numerous women with this aspect had the same job for long and/or loved their job (Willy de la Bye, Augustine, Brogan, Shelby Chambers, Jane L. Fitch, Rose Mary Woods).

Above average, they were award-winning (Judy Blumberg, Anita Bryant, Kim Carnes, Linda Fratianne, Peggy Fleming, Glenda Jackson, Katherine Govier, Alleen McGillivary, Rose Mary Woods, Kerri Strug).

Different ones were a teacher (Willy de la Bye, Lenore Canter, Winifred Ann Taylor).

Regarding marriages, at least one marriage was long-lasting (Collice Portnoff, Peggy Fleming, Glenda Jackson, Lenore Canter, Beatriz Borges).

Women with a Venus-Uranus conjunction tend to have a noted mate/partner (Nathalie Baye, Judy Blumberg, Kim Carnes, Susan George, Barbara Zmed).

Some of the women experienced (a) traumatic event(s) during childhood (Audrey Biancardi, Patricia Schmug, Anna Sweeney) but others had a very supportive family life (Judy Blumberg, Peggy Fleming, Linda Fratianne).

Natal Venus-Uranus conjunctions in male charts

Above average, men with a close Venus-Uranus conjunction have at least two children (Billy Carter, Tom Bradley, Craig Breedlove,, John Ehrlichman, John Joseph Iwanski, Erich Segal, Robert Maynard, Hideo Nomo, Carlo Ponti, Paul Vermeiren, Max Reinhardt).

In one way or the other, they are connected to law and/or crime, often as a perpetrator or a victim (Tom Bradley, Christophe Caze, Nicolae Ceausescu, John Ehrlichman, Paul Francis Hanlon, Chester Kallman, John Machajewski, John Jr. McIntyre, Carlo Ponti, Bruce Ritter, James R. Thompson).

Interestingly, we, at Cosmic Technologies, have found they above average leave home often or are expatriates or often far-away from home and travel a lot for work (Hideo Nomo, John Ehrlichman, Roberto Vittori, Jay Singer, Wilson Ferreira, Jerry Casale, Vance Brand, Roger Ball).

Lots of men with a tight Venus Uranus conjunction were born in a large family (Max Reinhardt, Frank Westmore, Carlson Twins, Chris Finnegan, Kyle Carlson, Billy Carter).

They may have a high IQ (Clark Branson, Robert Maynard, Gary Christen, Jay Singer).

Men with a close Venus-Uranus conjunction tend to pay attention to their physique, by muscle training or body building and the like (Andre Famechon, Chris Finnegan, Kyle Carlson, Paul Vermeiren, David Kopay, Don Paul, James R. Thompson, Carlson Twins).

They are often tall as well (Tom Bradley, Hideo Nomo).

Like many women with Venus-Uranus conjunctions, the men too seem to experience trauma or tragedies and unusual circumstances in childhood (Yves Dumon, Zoltan Hargitay, Chester Kallman, James Martel, Conor McDonald, Frank Westmore)

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