Save Your Relationship
By Changing Your Name!

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

If you are not so lucky in relating and want to save your relationship with whomever, consider changing your name.

You may ask what the heck this has to do with astrology!

A lot! But more in a second.

First, changing your name is not a daily event and often there are some juridical actions to be taken if you wants to give the change an official character.

However, it needs not be that profound.

Sometimes it suffices to change your first name (take on a nickname or so) on condition that you (and everybody you meet) knows you by that nickname and you consistently and rigorously use that nickname.

Most often, this will work too within a year or two.

Use this technique to save your relationship with the outer world at large.

Women are advantaged, because most of all they will have the option to change their name when they marry (hopefully the right person because marrying the wrong person will mean changing the name to worse!).

Your name is, aside from your birth information, the most personal information you have.

It sticks to you, your body and soul. It vibrates with your body and soul.

It's just about YOU and how you relate to others and are seen and known by others.

Your name is just a blend of vowels and consonants, each having a specific tone, frequency and energy.

It's the same with the planets. They too send frequencies, tones and specific energies.

Whether we talk about light, colors or sound, it are basically all the same energies and frequencies that can help and heal us, or that can kill us if not used properly.

People have been changing their name as far back as one can remember. They took on stage names, nick names or whatever (many were writers, actors, artists, royalties).

Unconsciously, they used this name to save their relationship with the external environment and outer world.

You too can save your relationship with the external environment by taking on another name -- a more fortunate and prosperous one. For you.

Often, celebrities used a particular and secret system based on numerology, alchemy, magic, astrology or the Kabbalah (think of Madonna).

According to the Jewish Kabbalah the universe interacts from 22 astrological qualities: the 10 planets and 12 signs.

Also, the Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters vibrating to one of the 22 numbers, as follows:

a = 1 (Mercury)
b = 2 (Virgo)
c = 11 (Neptune)
d = 4 (Scorpio)
e = 5 (Jupiter)
f = 17 (Gemini)
g = 3 (Libra)
h = 8 (Capricorn)
i = 10 (Uranus)
j = 10 (Uranus)
k = 11 (Neptune)
l = 12 (Pisces)
m = 13 (Aries)
n = 14 (Taurus)
o = 16 (Mars)
p = 17 (Gemini)
q = 19 (Leo)
r = 20 (Moon)
s = 21 (Sun)
t = 22 (Pluto)
u = 6 (Venus)
v = 6 (Venus)
w = 6 (Venus)
x = 15 (Saturn)
y = 10 (Uranus)
z = 7 (Sagittarius)

In the English language the following letter combinations (double letters) vibrate to the following numbers:

ch = 8 (Capricorn)
ph = 17 (Gemini)
sh = 18 (Cancer)
th = 9 (Aquarius)
ts = 18 (Cancer)
tz = 18 (Cancer)

The principle is that if the final number of your full name corresponds with a beneficial and powerful planet in your natal chart, your name is a prosperous one.

Keep this one to save your relationship.

If the final number of your full name corresponds with a malefic and powerful planet in your natal chart, your name will take on the negative influences from that planet, bringing unlucky events and challenges in your love life.

In that case you would do well changing your (first or full) name so that the final number of your total name corresponds with a harmonious planet in your horoscope.

This way you can save your relationship.

If you want to know if a planet is harmonious and powerful in your chart, we recommend using the Cosmodynes (discussed on our compatibility scores page) or any other scoring system that takes into account the planetary position in house, sign and aspect (e.g. the Lilly rating system, though this system does not list the modern planets beyond Saturn).

How to proceed?

  1. add all the letters of your full name (first, middle and last name as you are known).

    Remember: some double letters like the English "th" vibrate to a specific number; the th vibrates to 9, not to 22 for the 't' and 8 for the 'h'!

  2. break down the total number to a final number which can never exceed 22

Example: Liv Ullmann

Liv = 12 + 10 + 6 = 28
Ullmann = 6 + 12 + 12 + 13 + 1 + 14 + 14 = 72

Liv Ullmann = 28 + 72 = 100 = 1

Liv Ullmann vibrates to number 1 which corresponds with Mercury.

If Mercury is a harmonious planet in Liv's natal chart, then Liv's name is a prosperous one.

If Mercury is a malefic in the natal chart, Liv's name will take on the negative influences from Mercury, bringing unlucky events.

Liv would do well changing the first or, eventually, full name so that the final number corresponds with a harmonious planet in the natal chart.

This way, by searching for another appropriate (first) name, you are able to bring about the positive and harmonious energies from your name and will be able to save your relationship (and love life).

Women, also figure out what your single number is when you take on your husband's name!

If the combination of his name is more prosperous than your maiden name, use it, otherwise keep your maiden name!!

Anyway, don't (never ever!) use your married name if it corresponds with an unlucky planet in your natal chart.

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