Divorce Degrees.
Which Zodiac Degrees in Your
Natal Chart Point to Divorce?

Was He Born To Love You?

The divorce degrees are nothing more or less than specific zodiac degrees in your natal chart that point to the possibility of divorce after marriage when triggered by a specific planet or body.

We also refer to our love degrees that are related to happiness in your love life.

Numerous books and articles have been written about the meaning of the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

The majority of the authors prefer visionary and spiritual descriptions leaving space for further interpretation and the so-called "free will."

The Sabian symbols are a good example and the most popular ones.

The problem with images and symbols is that, while they can be stunningly accurate at times, they can be so vague and unreal that even with a whole lot of fantasy, you can't match them to the event.

A little stretch will not hurt, but sometimes you need more than some imagination and a joint to "get the picture."

Astrology is not about guessing...

In our opinion, the most valuable degree meanings in the zodiac are the ones you can quite confidently use to accurately predict future events (not past events!).

If you can't use the the degree meanings to accurately predict future events, you can't use them to delineate past events too because you are interpreting and projecting.

Comparing different methods, we can say from our own experience that the Sabian symbols are not the most accurate ones to predict future events.

That's why we disregard them completely.

If you take the symbolic and philosophical meanings to try to predict future events, you will find no consistency in the accuracy of the predictions.

The predictions most often remain superficial and you have no idea what exactly the event will be like.

While most astrologers use these symbols and images and keep using them, we forget about them.

Instead, we use descriptions that were derived by empirical research and experience done by some brilliant authors and astrologers.

However, not all the 360 degrees of the zodiac are covered and researched indepth in the same way (seemingly, some degrees are more significant and dominant than others).

Unfortunately too, a lot of these degree meanings are not translated into English (yet)...

One of the astrologers, Michael Roscher, who has done extensive empirical research into the meaning of degrees and degree areas died untimely at the age of 45 so that we'll have to stick with the unfinished results of his fabulous research.

We too research the degree areas and specifically the love degrees or degrees that are of importance to the love life.

It is found and observed that some degree areas or zodiac degrees are more favorable for your love life and other degrees are quite detrimental.

While some people thought the degree areas are under the influence of certain "un)lucky" Fixed Stars, this is not yet confirmed by further research.

Every planet or point (Ascendant, MC,...) can be on any degree in the zodiac, but when talking about your love life, we will only refer to the position of natal Venus, representing love and relationships, at some specific degrees that we call divorce degrees.

Because the outer planets (beyond Saturn) stay quite a long time on a single degree, they have no particular meaning for your personal life (except when taking the rulerships into account but for the sake of simplicity we will not go into that for now).

The outer planets almost always bring collective issues into your life.

What are these zodiac degrees that seem to predestine divorce?

  • Venus at 7° Taurus or Scorpio

  • (and especially) Venus at 9° Aries, Libra or Capricorn

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