Your Relocation Chart Will Help to Find Love or Improve
Your Love Life

Was He Born To Love You?

Astrology is based upon the principles of time and space, the 'when' and the 'where' things happen.

Without your place of birth and your time of birth, no horoscopes can be drawn.

If you change your time or place of birth, your horoscope will change too, highlighting new aspects, configurations etc.

The exact time and place of birth materialize specific energies that will build your body and soul, energies that are favorable or unfavorable for some life events (love, money, self-esteem, children, happiness, wealth, health or sickness,...) evolving out of this momentum.

By quitting your place of birth, your environment changes too.

Even if the planets at birth do not change their position in a zodiac sign, they will change their position in the houses.

That's why in astrology, the houses symbolize the external circumstances and your environment (which is changeable), while the planets in the signs point to your inner potential, your character (which is more fixed).

While changing places and your environment, the interaction with your environment will change too.

When you change your place of residence, the planets change houses and highlight other life experiences.

However, as it goes, planets have some affinities with some specific houses (the same way as planets feel good in some signs and bad in other signs).

If you relocate to a place so that a specific planet is removed from a certain harmful house, you can try to find the house that suits the planet best.

Always relocate your planets to better houses.

This way, relocating can be a wonderful way of changing the way external circumstances influence your life.

By the interaction of the changing environment with your static inner self, you will also start to bring other characteristics of the planets in the signs (your inner self) into the limelight.

Your inner self will experience inner growth and transformation and your (love) life will improve.

When your relationship potential is low at your hometown, change all that by relocating to a place where your relationship planets move to more favorable houses, bringing more auspicious relationship energies (with your environment) to the foreground.

Our "Where to Find Love?" page serves as a very good example and discusses how to find the direction your love lines go and where love is around the corner for you.

Follow your love lines and search for a city that attracts you most in that area or country.

Your relocation chart (i.e. your natal chart for your date and time of birth BUT cast for THAT new place instead of your place of birth) will describe whether or not you will experience a story of love.

If not, check another place in that area or country and cast another relocation chart.

Some hot TIPS:

  • Try to get the Sun or Jupiter in your first relocated house and try to improve your 5th and/or 7th house too (depending on the planetary aspects)

  • Try to relocate the planets in their exalted houses for maximum benefit, depending on what your goal is or what you want from that relocated position:

    * the Sun in the 1st house or in the 5th or 9th house (not in the 7th house)

    * the Moon in the 2nd house

    * Mercury in the 6th house

    * Venus in the 12th house or in the 7th house

    * Mars in the 10th house

    * Jupiter in the 4th house (or in the 1st house)

    * Saturn in the 7th house

There will certainly be a place that fits best to improve your love life or to find love.

However, note that when you move to another place, other life events may "deteriorate" more or less because, when some planets change for better local positions (houses), other planets may switch to less favorable houses...

Life is about finding a balance between different polarities.

You cannot have it ALL. There is not a single place on earth that will bring ever-lasting love, money, esteem, power, health,...

You cannot manipulate what is already written in your pre-birth agreement and that has to experienced, whether you like it or not.

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