Finding Your Love Lines on
The Astromaps

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

We already discussed the topic of the 'love lines' on our 'where to find love page'. 

In this article we want to elaborate on this and show you which lines on the astromaps can be qualified as your love lines.

However, don't expect this all to be as easy as pie...

Understand that your natal chart reflects your 'default settings', your 'natal promise', the way your life is 'programmed' this life time to cover all the lessons and experiences you wanted or needed to live for your own development and evolution.

The astromaps are still a fairly recent 'discovery' (originated in the 1950's by an engineer, Jim Lewis) and much more research is necessary to make it easier to find and pinpoint on the maps specific places for whatever targeted life domain (career, money, love, health,...).

More recently, in the last couple of years, different additional methods were introduced, but still, all these methods need further adjustments and tests.

At first, working with the astromaps can be overwhelming, because of the numerous (planetary) lines crossing everywhere.

In matters of love, the Venus lines need to be considered first because Venus is still the planet and general significator of attractions and relationships (in a wide sense).

However, if Venus is in a bad position in your natal chart (remember the 'natal promise'?!), these lines are not the most welcome ones.

So, only take Venus lines first IF Venus is strong (and harmonious) in your natal chart.

How to find out if Venus (or any other planet) is in good a position?

There are different methods based upon the tables of dignities (used by ancient and medieval astrologers) but there are modern versions as well (one of which is the Cosmodynes or Astrodynes).

The downside of this workflow is finding scoring methods that work and are reliable because, whenever a score or weight changes, the outcome of the strength or dignity of a planet or body will also, making the results rather unreliable.

Though the Astrodynes or Cosmodynes are not infallible, they still do give a good idea of the power and (dis)harmony of any body or planet.

The Cosmodynes is the method we still prefer to use when we have to find out about the strength of a planet though.

Whenever Venus gets a + score (denoting a harmonious influence), follow the Venus lines on the astromaps to find love.

Take note of other planets that have a harmonious score because when these planets are on the Descendant or build aspects to the Descendant lines, these can be good love lines also.

Another important part of your search for love lines on the astromaps is taking the midpoints into account.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, there is no web site providing such midpoint lines; only astrology software seems to have this option of plotting the midpoints on the maps.

In case adverse midpoints cross other 'love lines', this is not a good location to reside to find love.

There must be auspicious midpoints crossing the locations you want to consider or none at all.

Likewise, avoid interference from other more challenging lines crossing your love lines because they will bring upsetting events and experiences as well.

Often, such challenging lines incorporate angular Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and/or Pluto (or in aspect with the angles).

We already mentioned it, it's not only about angular Venus or another strong planet at an angle, the other harmonious aspects (sextiles and trines) count too.

This option should only be used on smaller maps and not on a world map (because the map would become unreadable).

Squares may work out beautifully too though but there can be delay or some situation to be overcome first.

In other words, there can be some hurdles to be taken.

If you have found planetary lines (angular or sextile or trine the Descendant) that are free from challenging lines or midpoint lines crossing or in the neighborhood, these lines qualify as a love line.

Venus trine the Ascendant on the astromap

The image on the left shows where Venus trines the Ascendant (the orange line).

In case Venus is harmonious and strong, this qualifies as a love line.

The image on the right shows the places where Venus is on the Descendant (the green line).

Assuming Venus is strong (and harmonious), this qualifies as a love line.

Venus on the Descendant

The image below shows an afflicted love line (the green line) that you should avoid living around.

Though Venus trines the Descendant (the green line), it is accompanied by the Black Moon trine the Descendant (the black line) and Chiron square the Descendant (the dark grey line).

The influence and interference of Chiron and the Black Moon around the Venus love line annul the auspicious influence denoting that the Venus line does not qualify as a love line.

For more technically inclined people, some software programs have an option to calculate the planetary lines 'in mundo' or 'in longitude.'

While the original lines in the astromaps were calculated 'in mundo', there is no agreement whether they are more accurate than the lines 'in longitude.'

Our own research is not conclusive either: in some instances the lines 'in longitude' were more accurate but in other instances the lines 'in mundo' were far more precise.

In the mean time, we go for the angular positions 'in mundo.'

The midpoint lines should be calculated 'in longitude' though, as our own research conclusively pointed out.

So indeed, because the astromaps are a recent finding, more research is still needed.

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