Baby Gender Prediction Methods

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Aside from the Lunar Cycle Fertility and Moon Phase and gender selection techniques we would like to discuss some other baby gender prediction methods to determine the sex of your future child.

Dietary adjustments are at times used as a means or method to pick the gender of a baby!

Changing the diet is scientifically tested on more than 5,000 pregnancies in the Port-Royal Hospital in Paris, France and was 'discovered' by François Papa, a French gynecologist, and set up by the French journalist Françoise Labro.

The success rate of their method is about 80% but the diet is very very strict.

A diet full of calcium and magnesium is for conceiving a girl.

A diet rich in sodium and potassium is for conceiving boys.

For more information about the diet to conceive a boy, click here (French website opens in a new window)

For more information about the diet to conceive a girl, click here (French website opens in a new window)

In practice there seems to be a very very high success rate when following the following three ways of baby gender prediction methods together:

  1. use the Moon phase and gender prediction techniques (above all)
  2. follow the diet
  3. create a more highly acidic environment of the cervical mucous for female conceptions, and a more alkaline environment to conceive a boy.

According to Dr. L. Shettles, M.D., Ph.D., (in How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby) for the conception of a girl it is adviced to avoid an orgasm, because the secretions of orgasm are alkaline.

Dr. Shettles promotes some other baby gender prediction methods too that have to do with the acidic or alkaline environment.

He claims a success rate of about 80%.

His most important finding has to do with the timing of intercourse to conceive the child a couple wants.

The sexual positions seem to count too and are just one of the baby gender prediction methods that are promoted by Dr. Shettles.

For male conceptions, Dr. Shettles recommends a deep penetration/ejaculation.

A deep entry can be obtained by a vaginal penetration from the rear (the 'doggie-style').

It is recommended that the ejaculation comes after the female orgasm.

A shallow penetration is for female conceptions.

Dr. Shettles recommends the 'missionary position' during intercourse (face-to-face position with the male on top).

It can help when the woman avoids orgasm.

However re the dietary approach, we, at Cosmic Technologies, do not know if changing your diet to conceive the child you want, is the best remedy.

We recommend that you rather stick to the Moon phase and baby gender prediction method.

We even think that the diet is too strict to follow and we wonder if this diet will not do any harm.

The above mentioned links about the diet are for informational purposes only: to let you know that there is more between Heaven and Earth...

We will not delve further into the dietary approach because it's beyond the scope of this web site.

Share your most reliable baby gender prediction method you know or heard of.

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