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The Unfolding Pregnancy

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Fertility charts describe in-depth the fertility (pre)disposition of the parent(s), as well as the way the pregnancy will unfold, based on the lunar cycle fertility .

It's very important that the exact moment on which the luminaries are equidistant to their position at the woman's birth is delineated properly to avoid disappointments during and after pregnancy.

All 13 exact moments are in fact 13 separate fertility charts that can be delineated.

Whereas the lunar cycle fertility tips show you how to determine the female fertility peaks and subsidiary show you how to determine the sex of the child, the fertility charts show us how (in)fertile the parent is, what to expect from the pregnancy when a child is conceived during the lunar cycle fertility peak and much more...

Fertility charts are not easy to read, because there is absolutely not much research in this area.

In fact, most astrologers agree that these fertility charts can be considered as "electional charts" telling us how (un)fortunate the moment of intercourse to conceive a child is.

One of the basic questions some women ask is whether they are fertile or not.

Beside the interpretation of the position of the planets by element, as mentioned on our individual sex horoscopes page, this question can be answered by looking at the woman's natal chart and some ancient techniques that have stood the test of time.

Traditional astrologers divided the signs in fruitful, semi-fruitful and barren signs:

  • fruitful (fertile) signs are: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • semi-fruitful (semi-fertile) signs are: Libra, Taurus, Capricorn
  • barren signs are: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Beside the division of the signs, the planets have their own division in fruitful, semi-fruitful and barren planets too, just as follows:

  • fruitful (fertile) planets are: Moon, Venus, Jupiter, (Moon's) North Node, Neptune
  • semi-fruitful (semi-fertile) planets are: Mercury (Uranus?)
  • barren planets are: Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus (?), (Moon's) South Node

In fertility charts, fruitful planets in fruitful signs presage fertility and children. Barren planets in barren signs may denote infertility.

When looking at all the planetary positions in the signs in the woman's natal chart, one has a very general (and not infallible!) idea on the total (in)fertility of that woman.

When the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, the sign on the Ascendant and the sign on the 5th house cusp are in barren signs, there definitely is a possibility of lesser fertility or even infertility.

This can be offset when transiting Jupiter travels through the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th or 8th house and aspects the mentioned planets.

According to the Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology by Charles E.O. Carter, the Sun afflicted by Saturn often shows "sterility" in a female's natal chart.

Miscarriages seem to result from a Sun-Uranus affliction as well as an affliction from Uranus to the 5th house (cusp).

We, at Cosmic Technologies, have found these rules by C.E.O. Carter quite true, especially when they all occur together in a female's chart! We've nearly always found that women with these configurations were childless, or could not bear a child.

We have often found too that women, born on or about April 27, July 30, October 30 and January 27 have to contend with periods of frigidity (due to blockages).

Excess air in the natal charts of women also raises the likelihood of infertility or childlessness. Excess fire in the natal charts of men may also be related to infertility issues.

Also notice if in a female's natal chart the Moon's North Node is not (exactly) square her natal Sun (orb 3°) as this may block creative self-expression, which, in case of a woman, may be related to bearing (a) child(ren).

Some other valuable astrological aphorisms re fertility, pregnancy and fertility charts can be found at Skyscript.co.uk (the Web site of the well-known and brilliant astrologer Deborah Houlding).

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