What's Your Most Reliable
Astrology-related Baby Gender
Prediction Information?

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Now and then we hear from visitors and astrologers about some baby gender prediction information and methods.

Some stories may be true, others are rather based on superstitions.

Also, quite a lot of women ask for more reliable methods and tips.

As the internet is a huge network of collective wisdom, perhaps you know some reliable astrological information, tips or methods to accurately predict the gender of an unborn child.

If so, please, share your wisdom and knowledge to the world and to all these women craving for reliable information. Feel free to comment to or rate a contribution if you want to.

Notice though that you should only share

  • reliable baby gender prediction information (if possible mention your sources).

  • predictions that are related to the stars, astrology, the planets and the Moon, the seasons and cycles etc.

  • informational tips that have no commercial intentions or purposes.

All entries and contributions are read and screened (monitored) by human beings.

In case your entry does not comply with the above mentioned requirements, your entry will not be posted and will be deleted without further notice or discussion.

Share Your (Secret) Astrological Baby Gender Prediction Tips!

Do you have a great, reliable and even amazing baby gender prediction tip that is related to astrology or the stars? Why don't you share it!

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Fortune Baby Gender Predictor 
Has anyone used Fortunebaby gender prediction test http://www.fortunebaby.com?

No Astrology Related Matter Not rated yet
Diet is most factor for boy child. Heavy red meat diet for 1 year, the mother of baby is became a boy.

Chinese Lunar Calendar Not rated yet
Based on an ancient chinese calendar buried in a tomb near Beiging for nearly 700 years. Calculated by taking the mother's lunar age with the month of …

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