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On this page you can order your Astrology Fertility Calendar on which you can find different days per month that show your most fertile days, highly increasing the odds of conceiving a child.

On our lunar cycle fertility page we already discussed the important and reliable method of the Lunar Cycle Phase returns, as (re)discovered by Dr. Jonas that mark your (super) fertile days on which you can conceive a child.

On that page you can order your totally free Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview on which you can find the very best and most reliable days to conceive a child in case you encounter difficulties in getting pregnant.

Our investigations have shown us that, besides the Lunar Cycle Phase return there are at least three other important days every month on which your fertility increases or peaks.

Under some specific circumstances there are even MORE additional days.

This way, we are able to pinpoint and totalize at least four days every month on which your fertility is highest, thus increasing the odds of becoming pregnant if you have unprotected sex then.

The methods that mark the four (or more) days have nothing to do with your own ovulation (biological) cycle and work completely aside from it.

This means that you can become pregnant when having sex on one of these four (or more) indicated days, even if you are menstruating!

As we are not able to calculate all the days by computer (as far as we know there exists no computer program that calculates all these days), we have to calculate most of the days manually.

This is quite a time-consuming approach, that we cannot do for free.

However, we are of the opinion that everybody should be able to order the Astrology Fertility Calendar and that the price must be reasonable - taking into account the value of the Astrology Fertility Calendar, the reliability and the work involved.

That's why the Astrology Fertility Calendar ONLY costs 49.95 Euro (you can also pay in USD, GBP, CAD or AUD, which is approx. 66.00 USD, 35.00 GBP, 80.00 CAD, 86.00 AUD) for a full year!

DISCLAIMER: We, at Cosmic Technologies, cannot guarantee any results.

We cannot be held responsible for the way you use the Astrology Fertility Calendar, nor can we be held responsible for the outcome.

However, we are confident that, when using the Calendar in the proper way, you may get results within 2 years.

We do recommend you also take into account a pre-conception period in which you cleanse your body from chemicals, waste etc., and get regular exercise.

Consider that the bulk of your (organic) diet should be fruit and vegetables, etc.

We recommend the web site of Dr. Joseph Mercola (this opens a new window) for additional information regarding these matters.

The information and statements made are for educational and informational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your treating doctor.

We do not give medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and advice expressed here are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical services.

If you have a severe medical condition, see your physician of choice.

Please, do also keep in mind that when there are medical reasons that prevent you from getting pregnant, this Calendar may NOT help you either.

We, at Cosmic Technologies, are very serious about your privacy. We refer to our privacy statement.

To calculate your Astrology Fertility Calendar, we do need your exact birth data.

If you don't know your exact time of birth, we can try to calculate or rectify it so that you can order your Astrology Fertility Calendar too.

Click here for more information about our rectification service.

Please note that without your prior consent we will never ever give your data away!

What will you get when you order the Astrology Fertility Calendar?

  • You will get a PDF-document on which you will find four (and on some occasions even more) specific days for every month on which your fertility peaks according to the astrological methods we use (one of these super fertile days is the most fertile day according to the Lunar phase return method by Dr. Jonas)

  • The Calendar lists 12 months and is only valid for the Time Zone of the place of residence you provide and that we need to calculate the dates

  • You will not find any specific gender of the baby you want to conceive as the Calendar is only useful and suited for women who have difficulties becoming pregnant and don't matter about the gender of the future baby

As we need the time to calculate your very personal and specific days, it will take at least a week before we can send the Astrology Fertility Calendar and sometimes it will take longer, depending on the demand of the Astrology Fertility Calendar.

Because we can't manage all the orders at the same time, we use the principle of "first in, first out."

Below you can find the order status that shows how long it will take to send you order:

  • Order status green Order Status GREEN: we are able to send the order within about a week
  • Order status orange Order Status ORANGE: the Astrology Fertility Calendar will take us longer than a week, but usually not longer than two weeks
  • Order status red Order Status RED: there is a (temporary) overflow of orders so that it will take us more than two weeks to send the Calendar
The current ORDER STATUS as of today
 is Order Status ORANGE ORANGE

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