Vedic Sex Horoscopes:
The Hindu System

Is He Your Vedic Soulmate?

The Vedic sex horoscopes are primarily based on the Moon's position. It's the way Vedic astrology works.

On our Moon sign compatibility page we discussed the Lunar Compatibility System (the Kuta point system) for (marital) compatibility by assessing the Nakshatra positions of the respective Moons of the partners. We analyzed the compatibility according to the Gana (Class) qualities.

In Indian or Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) there is a similar system to evaluate or assess sex horoscopes and the sexual compatibility between partners. This method is called Yoni-matching.

That's why the Nakshatras are so important when delineating the Vedic sex horoscopes.

Each of the Naksahatras, listed on our Moon sign compatibility page correspond with the male or female gender and are also related to an animal. Some animals are incompatible with each other, indicating sexual incompatibility in the Vedic sex horoscopes.

If you don't know your Moon sign or the Nakshatra, please, go to our Moon sign compatibility page to get some tips on how to calculate and get your Vedic Chart instantly and for free.

Please note that there is NO full agreement among Vedic astrologers as to the gender related to a Nakshatra. Different sources result in a different outcome.

Take this Yoni-matching system with a grain of salt!

Nakshatra Gender Animal Incompatible
As(h)vini Male Horse Buffalo
Bharani Female Elephant Lion
Krittika Female Sheep Monkey
Rohini Male? Serpent Mongoose
Mrgas(h)iras(ha) Female? Serpent Tiger, Dog
Ardra Female Dog Dog, Rat
Punarvasu Male Cat Monkey
Pus(h)ya Male Goat Dog, Rat
As(h)les(h)a Female Cat Dog, Rat
Magha Female Rat Cat
Purva Phalguni Female Rat Cat
Uttara Phalguni Female Bull Tiger
Hasta Male Buffalo Horse
C(h)itra Female Tiger Cow
Svati or Swati Female Buffalo Horse
Vis(h)akha Female Tiger Cow
Anuradha Male Deer Tiger, Dog
Jyes(h)tha Female? Deer Tiger, Dog
Mula Female? Dog Tiger, Deer
Purvas(h)adha Female Monkey Dog, Goat
Uttarasadha Female Mongoose Serpent
S(h)ravana Male Monkey Dog, Goat
Dhanis(h)t(h)a Female Lion Elephant
S(h)atabhisaj Female? Horse Buffalo
Purvabhadrapada Male Lion Elephant
Uttarabhadrapada Female Cow Tiger
Revati Female Elephant Lion

When assessing the Vedic sex horoscopes this way, we have to look at the following rules:

  • If the woman's Moon occupies a female Nakshatra and the male's Moon occupies a male Nakshatra and the respective animals are compatible, you will find that you both are extremely sexual compatible.

  • If both partners have their respective Moons in Nakshatras that are either both female or male and the respective animals are compatible, there is sexual agreement.

  • If the woman's Moon occupies a male Nakshatra and the male's Moon occupies a female Nakshatras and the respective animals are compatible, you will find that there is average sexual compatibility.

    However, in case both Moons occupy a male Nakshatra, there may be some lack of agreement around sexuality.

  • If the respective animals of the partners are incompatible in the Vedic sex horoscopes, there is sexual incompatibility.

So, when delineating Vedic sex horoscopes, first check the animal compatibility before looking at the different Nakshatras.

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