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Read below YOUR personal 2008 FREE monthly horoscope, discussing the monthly trends, ups and downs in your relationship(s).

We describe relationships in a general way and that's why we will often refer to your family life, co-workers or neighbors,... as well.

So, actually, it's more than a monthly love horoscope you'll read here.

When we find a very specific or rare astrological configuration in a month, we will comment on this too.

This way you will be able to learn some astrological principles too when you read your personal 2008 free monthly horoscope.

You may expect your 2008 free monthly horoscope to be published on this page around the 1st day of every month.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for January

January 2008 starts rocky with fiery Mars at 29° Gemini opposing extreme Pluto at 29° Sagittarius around January 2. This violent combination can bring separation, accidents, rape, aggression and extreme anger. Also, there may be change of work.

Around January 4, Mercury of communication at 23° Capricorn is in a frustrating position. Communication is not going smoothly.

Mercury enters Aquarius around January 8, bringing social dynamics. Aquarius is an air sign, concerned with group involvements. Mercury is semi-square Uranus, its dispositor, which denotes disruptive and upsetting events and breaking news.

Jupiter at 5° Capricorn is semi-square Neptune at 20° Aquarius while Venus at 15° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 15° Pisces around January 12. Your too high love expectations will turn out to be a fata morgana. Your imagination is not in sync with reality.

There may be unfulfilled or unrequited love.

Around January 20, Venus at 24° Sagittarius opposes Mars at 24° Gemini and the Sun enters Aquarius around the same time. Somebody of the opposite gender urges you to take action. This sexual combination brings some pleasant or unpleasant tension in the relationship (depending on your own chart).

There is confusion all over around January 23 when Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 21° Aquarius. Expect all the "mis"-es to occur (mis-takes, mis-communication, mis-understandings...).

Venus enters formal and business-minded Capricorn around January 24. From now on, dress up for that meeting and iron your clothes once more before going out ;-)

Extreme Pluto enters Capricorn around January 26 for the next 15-16 years. This heavy transit will bring a new "Zeitgeist" in the world. Depending on the aspects from other planets or bodies, this controlling combination often will enforce a very strict and humorless attitude. Censorship and security prevails. Watch your budget!!

Mercury stations and turns retrograde at 23° Aquarius around January 28 reversing fluent communications and smooth transport facilities. Read the print over and over before signing any documents. 23° Aquarius is an important "divorce degree" so that you may (re)consider a divorce around this day.

Chances are you are thinking (Mercury) about a radical change (23° Aquarius) anyway.

Around January 30, Mars stations and turns direct again at 24° Gemini. There is work at hand (actually, for two jobs with Mars in dual Gemini...). Mars in communicative Gemini still brings the potential for disputes. So, mind your words. Also, don't rush through any documents because cutting Mars may "cut speech and documents"...

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2008 free monthly horoscope for February

February 2008 starts with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 10° Capricorn, exact around February 1. In other words, Fortuna Major meets Fortuna Minor bringing prosperous moments if you are born around January 1, May 2 or September 4.

If you are born around July 2, October 3 or March 31 you may feel trapped in a secret union OR there may be money losses through others.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 21° Aquarius around February 3. There is too much imagination, so don't lose ground. Try to avoid misunderstandings as confusion runs high now.

Mercury conjuncts the Solar Eclipse at 17° Aquarius around February 7 marking the next 6 months with the need to communicate. Talks and agreements will mark this otherwise quite successful period.

However, 17° Aquarius is a solitary degree with emotionally upsetting characteristics. There is a feeling of being left alone and isolation too.

Around February 11 the Sun conjuncts Neptune at 21° Aquarius. Make your dreams come true.

If you are born around January 14, April 14, July 16 or October 17, February 12-13 may bring promiscuity, sexual problems and secret affairs. It may be an erotic time anyway.

If you are born around October 20, January 17, April 17 or July 20, Valentine's Day is marked by tension in the relationship and separation. Perhaps there is unrequited love or love is just a dream. Expect more stress during the day.

Around February 17 the Sun conjuncts the Moon's Node at 27° Aquarius. At the same time Venus enters Aquarius bringing illness and separations of loved ones.

Mercury stations around February 19 at 8° Aquarius and turns direct again and is able to function and reason quite well again. However, this means that Mercury starts thinking more independently instead of supporting the ideas of the group. Opinions start to differ.

The Lunar Eclipse at 1° Virgo around February 21 opposes Saturn marking stagnation and separations. The aspects denote solitary feelings too. Try to relax as much as possible.

The Sun at 5° Pisces opposes Saturn at 5° Virgo around February 24 setting limits, the more so if you are born around February 25, May 27, August 29 or November 28. Take care of your health too. Separations are likely to occur.

Take your responsability and pay attention to the elderly.

Mercury joins Venus at 11° Aquarius around February 26; making for some enjoyable talks, presents and love letters.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for March

Mars enters emotional Cancer around March 4 bringing more intense and impulsive behavior. Expect some overreactions as long as Mars resides in the sign of its fall. Mars in the water sign Cancer also points to wasted efforts.

Love ideals and a romantic mood prevail around March 7 when Venus conjuncts Neptune at 22° Aquarius. This combo has something devine and goes with a longing for the unobtainable. This may affect you if you are born around November 15, February 11, May 13 or August 15.

There's a longing for peace and harmony too with an urge to escape from reality because at the same day aggressive Mars at 0° Cancer opposes forceful Pluto at 0° Capricorn. This highly forceful and violent combination may bring rage and terror.

Women should be very careful with the men they deal.

The Sun conjuncts Uranus at 18° Pisces around March 8, adding to the explosive atmosphere. As if that's not enough yet, Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 22° Aquarius around March 9. Confusion is all around. Information tends to be unreliable too.

Indeed, the time span between March 6 and March 10 might be a very turbulent one with confusion and desperate feelings.

Venus conjuncts the Moon's North Node at 26° Aquarius around March 10, bringing more peace and harmonious connections.

Around March 12, Venus enters passive and elusive Pisces; bringing more seductive power into your love life. Venus in Pisces brings forth kind of a platonic love rather than a physical love.

Seduction is in the air too and with passive Venus in passive Pisces, it may be more difficult to stand firm. Massages may be a way to turn the other on now... ;-)

However, if you're born around May 22, August 24, November 23 or February 20, there is separation from a (be)loved one around March 12-13.

Around March 14, it's time for Mercury to enter nebulous Pisces too, the sign of its detriment and its fall. Your mind tends to lack any sense of direction. Expect more miscommunications during this transit, more distortion of the facts and more confusion. Follow your intuition, not your rational mind and go with the flow.

Venus at 3° Pisces opposes Saturn at 3° Virgo around March 15, breaking up quite some relationships (in a broad sense). Separations may especially occur if you're born around May 25, August 27, November 26 or February 23.

Moreover, Mercury will oppose Saturn around March 17, adding to the separative influences. Also, the mood is more dark and serious and there is quite some criticism. Mental clutter needs to be controlled and what you say or write will be supervised. There are issues about the reliability of words and/or documents.

March 20 marks Spring with the entrance of the Sun into Aries. The Sun squares Pluto though, releasing some friction and power struggles. There's explosive tension in the air.

Around March 24, Mercury conjoins Venus at 14° Pisces bringing enjoyable talks and presents or gifts. Send out your messages of love.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 19° Pisces around March 27. Venus joins this combo just a day later so that some creative experiences may color your days. Now is the time to surprise your lover and any creative idea will do. Go dancing or enjoy some concerts. Send some innovative presents, gifts or love cards.

If you're born around September 13, November 12, December 12, January 10, March 11, May 11, June 11 or July 13 you are especially favored by this configuration.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for April

Around April 2, heavy Pluto stations to turn retrograde at 0° Capricorn while Mercury enters impulsive Aries. In other words, Mercury and Pluto square each other in the first degree of the Cardinal signs.

Stationing Pluto in the sign of Governments, authorities, structure and responsability and especially at the critical 0°, once more dredges deep into the structures of our society.

Some re-birth is and will be necessary to go on. During the retrograde phase one has to learn to let go and discover new opportunities that may prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

Retrograde Pluto marks a time of investigation with yet an unknown outcome.

The powerful Mercury-Pluto square is an obsessive one in which you want to push through your ideas. It's a confrontational square bringing too much tunnel vision. Your ambitions run high, bringing additional stress.

Chances are you want to initiate something new and will have to push through but you'll have to wait till Pluto turns direct again to see the first results.

Pluto here in its stationing and regressing phase works more on an inner level so that you may expect some inner transformation during this period.

Venus enters Aries around April 6 during the New Moon phase, bringing love at first sight. Venus acts first without thinking, blending with the other impulsively. You may fall in love with the military or the police (Aries-ruled people that is).

You love some action and become more adventurous under this transit of Venus in Aries.

Because Venus also squares stationing Pluto, the feelings of love can be overwhelmingly powerful. For some it may prove to become a very emotional time, transforming your relationships profoundly.

For some, this configuration may be a huge problem as it forces profound changes that you still resist. It is as if you still have not learned any lessons! But be sure that you will have to submit to the higher forces whether you like it or not.

This delineation may especially fit if you are born around January 22, February 20, March 21, April 21, May 22, June 22, July 24, August 24, September 24, October 24, November 23 or December 22.

Around April 10, the Sun at 21° Aries squares Jupiter at 21° Capricorn while Mercury at 15° Aries squares Mars at 15° Cancer.

You are exaggerating too much and need moderation in speech and behavior. Don't shout!

Some days later, around April 13, Mercury at 21° Aries squares Jupiter too adding to the too high expectations.

The Sun conjoins Mercury around April 16 at 26° Aries bringing some new ideas.

Around April 17, Mercury enters material and possessive Taurus. Your thoughts are directed towards your possessions and money-related matters.

The Sun follows Mercury and enters Taurus around April 19. Stability and holding on to what you have is what you look for.

Around April 23, Venus at 21° Aries squares both Mars at 21° Cancer and Jupiter at 21° Capricorn.

Actually, Venus, Mars and Jupiter now build a T-square at 21°-22° in Cardinal signs in which Venus in Aries is the apex planet.

You may overdo to attract others and you may tempt to jump into unions too soon. This is the more so if you are born around July 15, October 18, January 13 or April 12.

There may be some head-on emotional clashes too with Mars in emotional Cancer. Be sure to carefully evaluate before making quick commitments.

If you plan to direct or coordinate some activities of others, you may do very well during this transits though!

Late April, around the 29th that is, Neptune conjoins the Moon's North Node at 24° Aquarius while Mercury at 23° Taurus squares both Neptune and the North Node.

Mercury, Neptune and the Moon's Node together denote debate and discussions in groups. There may be misunderstandings and the wrong ideas. Is there a hidden agenda?

You may easily feel betrayed during this transit, so beware.

Venus enters its own sign Taurus around April 30, bringing some extra income and stability in emotional and upsetting times.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for May

May 2008 will bring many changes in your life, due to the many planetary stations this month.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around May 2, playing tricks and changing opinions quickly. Expect more gossip during this transit in the sign of communication and more unexpected novelties and turnings of news and events.

The next day, around May 3, Saturn stations at 1° Virgo, turning direct again. Time for some detailed and meticulous work. The details are definitely more important now than the larger whole and concepts.

Due to its square with Mercury at 1° Gemini (Mercury is Saturn's dispositor and is in rulership), this station will also bring some serious decisions, study and burdensome paperwork. This configuration will especially affect you if you are born around February 20, March 22, April 22, May 23, June 23, July 25, August 25, September 25, October 25, November 24, December 23 or January 22.

Around May 9, there is another station in the sky. Jupiter stations at 22° Capricorn and turns backward in the sign of its fall. This retrogression will mark a time of lack; emotionally and/or financially. During this retrogression, you may feel hopeless at times...

You really miss something in your life...

In business-minded Capricorn, spiritual Jupiter does not feel too well and doesn't really know how to fill the void...

You'll have to wait till September 2008 to find new hope and meaning when Jupiter turns direct again. Do keep a positive spirit!

The same day of May 9, Mars enters Leo, sign of love (creative self-expression) and children, making for some encouraging actions though. Egocentric and impulsive Mars, representing your basic urges, will demand to express yourself clearly.

Your lover or partner needs your full support and attention now!

The Sun at 24° Taurus squares both the Moon's Node and Neptune at 24° Aquarius around May 13-14. This configuration may bring trouble in your relationships, the more so if you're born around January 15, February 13, March 14, April 14, May 15, June 15, July 16, August 17, September 17, October 17, November 16 or December 16.

You may feel deceived, misunderstood and lonesome. For some, this aspect may mark a separation (for whatever reason, it can be a hospitalization too), for others it will bring divorce.

Anyway, your relationships (in a broad sense) are disturbed.

Expect love's sorrow around May 19-20 when Venus at 23° Aquarius squares the Moon's Node and Neptune at 24° Aquarius. There may be secret feelings and hidden love.

The Sun enters Gemini, sign of communication, the same day of May 20 adding to the rumours and gossip.

Because the Sun also applies to a square with Saturn, the mood is rather somber. The square will be exact around May 22 when the Sun is at 2° Gemini and Saturn at 2° Virgo.

You may feel a burden on your shoulders now. Take your responsability.

Around May 25, Venus enters fickle Gemini, transforming the planet of relationships to a social butterfly. Venus keeps moving and is focused on constant social activities.

Two other planetary stations will affect you around May 26. Firstly, there is Mercury at 21° Gemini stationing and turning backward. Secondly, the same is true for Neptune at 24° Aquarius.

Mercury and Neptune stationing at the same day in air signs will especially affect all air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).

Don't make any decisions or commitments now as your mind is confused and scattered. Don't start a new relationship.

Mercury and Neptune are adverse to any forms of positive communication. Don't sign any contracts.

Do some rethinking process instead. Your creative or artistic abilities may increase now. During the retrogression of both planets it may be an emotional period at times.

Be realistic, stay focused and prioritize. Meditation can be a good means to use and direct the current spiritual energies. Do know that spiritual growth is very likely when both planets turn retrograde in air signs.

Also, around May 26, Venus at 2° Gemini squares limiting Saturn at 2° Virgo bringing a sad mood and separation in your relationships. Indeed, confusion and separation of beloved ones will end this eventful and rather emotional month.

Still be positive and grateful!

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2008 free monthly horoscope for June

In the first days of June, you're still experiencing the pain of love's separation due to the position of Venus.

Around June 7, the sky clears up when the Sun conjuncts Mercury, the messenger and Mercury conjuncts Venus, planet of love at 17° Gemini.

If you're born around January 8, February 6, March 8, April 7, May 8, June 8, July 10, August 10, September 10, October 10, November 10 or December 10 you're in for some positive and uplifting news.

Send your lover some greetings or a gift. Communicate and share your love by any means.

Around June 9 the Sun conjuncts Venus at 18° Gemini filling your heart with love.

Excitement is around the corner when Venus at 22° Gemini squares Uranus at 22° Pisces around June 12. Love at first sight is possible but also note that Uranus is too unpredictable and detached to bond. Just enjoy the moment. We all need to learn to enjoy the moment without thinking too far ahead!

The Sun too, still conjoining Venus, squares Uranus around June 13 while Pluto in its backward direction enters Sagittarius again for the last time. June 12-14 are marked by exciting events. Make fun.

Around June 17-18 Mars at 21° Leo opposes the Moon's North Node and Venus at 29° Gemini opposes Pluto at 29° Sagittarius. This combo makes for some irresistible attraction and emotional and passionate moments during this powerful and intense Full Moon period.

Venus enters emotional Cancer around June 18 while Mercury is going stationary, ready to turn direct again on June 19 at 12° Gemini. You might want to make some decisions now but don't push it if you're still indecisive (Gemini is not the most decisive sign!).

Start something new.

Around June 20-21 the planetary activity goes on with the Sun at 29° Gemini opposing Pluto at 29° Sagittarius and then entering Cancer. Mars at 24° Leo opposes Neptune at 24° Aquarius. Fruitless actions may lead nowhere so that you should be prepared for some deceptions.

Uranus stations at 22° Pisces and turns retrograde around June 27. Unusual things and breakthroughs may happen now. There can be break ups and sudden changes too. However, be vigilant when you impulsively make decisions now as you may regret it later. Keep responsible.

Try not to make irreversible changes in your life. If you want to push through, just fully consider all the consequences.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for July

Mars enters Virgo, the sign of work around July 1. There is a huge eye for detail and meticulous work now. Don't be too obsessed with the little details though and don't be too technical. Try to enjoy.

Around July 3-4, Venus at 18° Cancer opposes Jupiter at 18° Capricorn denoting some separation from a beloved one. Love is at a distant, possibly due to travel, work or vacation.

Mercury at 22° Gemini squares Uranus at 22° Pisces around July 5, bringing some unexpected news urging you to send a message, call, card or letter.

The Sun at 17° Cancer opposes Jupiter at 17° Capricorn around July 9-10 at the same time Mars conjuncts Saturn at 5° Virgo. Also, Mercury enters Cancer around the same time.

That's quite a lot of planetary activity at once around these eventful days. There's hard work at hand and much needs to be accomplished.

The Mars-Saturn combo is not the most funny one around though. There may be some oppression, resistance and hurdles to be taken. Things don't go smoothly.

This conjunction will affect you most if you are born around June 27, July 29, August 29, September 29, October 29, November 28, December 27, January 26 , February 24, March 26, April 26 or May 27.

Don't expect too much words with Mercury in emotional and watery Cancer. However, reveal and communicate your emotions by any means. You may be pondering in silence too and may often vacillate in your thinking, following your deepest feelings.

Don't worry if you cannot express yourself to the full right now. Wait till Mercury enters extravert Leo within some days.

Around July 12, Venus, planet of love and relationships, enters playful Leo. Funny times full of enjoyment await you. Give warmth and be creative. Express your love in many ways and express yourself. You may be in the center of attention and feel desired.

However, don't be too vain and self-centered.

Mercury at 16° Cancer opposes Jupiter at 16° Capricorn around July 19. This aspect too refers to travel or trips and the separation that accompanies it. Be prepared for some minor mishaps though. But all's well that ends well!

When the Sun enters playful Leo too around July 22, a male person may bring in more fun (and love?!). The Sun is in its own sign, thus in its own element and can express itself brilliantly

Your heart can shine to the fullest. Make fun.

Mercury will follow the Sun and enter Leo around July 26, making for more openly love expressions. Openly thinking about children might be another option.

Around July 28, Venus at 19° Leo opposes the Moon's North Node and Chiron. This would be a very good time to meet someone you've long forgotten or not seen for a long time.

Past relationships may enter the scene again.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury around July 29 at 7° Leo. Talk about love, send your lover some nice greetings and exchange thoughts.

Love's sorrow or love's separation is indicated around July 31 when Venus at 23° Leo opposes Neptune at 23° Aquarius. You so dearly long for an absent beloved one. There is unrequited love.

Also, for some, there may be disappointment in your love life resulting in a break up.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for August

August starts stormy and powerful with a Solar Eclipse on the 1st at 9° Leo, a degree of storm and/or death. In our opinion, you can replace the word death with "separation."

In the coming six months, this degree will mark your life, especially if it aspects a personal point in your natal chart.

Because the Solar Eclipse is right at the Uranus/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn midpoints, a career change, a change of "course" or a move are indicated, especially if you are born around October 3, November 2, December 2, January 1, January 30, March 1, March 31, April 30, May 31, July 2, August 2 or September 2.

Around August 4, Mercury at 18° Leo opposes the Moon's North Node at 18° Aquarius resulting in messages, documents, meetings and encounters that were initiated in the past. The story just continues.

August 6 brings love's sorrow and confusion when Venus enters Virgo, Mars at 22° Virgo opposes Uranus at 22° Pisces and Mercury at 23° Leo opposes Neptune at 23° Aquarius.

These planetary energies can be quite temperamental, explosive and accident-prone. Venus in Virgo does not feel well in the sign of its fall and love is in a rather bad situation. Venus here focuses on cleanness, cleanliness and purity. It can be a very fault-finding position though, resulting in romantic trouble.

The accident-prone Mars-Uranus opposition takes off like a rocket, untempered and fast. Try to be moderate. The Mercury-Neptune opposition creates chaotic situations and confusing moments in which errors and misunderstandings occur.

Around August 10, Mercury enters its own sign Virgo in which it feels very well and becomes annoyingly critical and detail-oriented (the more so because Venus too still resides in Virgo). Your analytical and critical comments may not be appreciated though.

The Sun at 18° Leo opposes the Moon's North Node at 18° Aquarius around August 11 denoting a meeting with some higher-up (father figure) or authority.

Venus conjuncts blocking and limiting Saturn at 9° Virgo around August 13 denoting that feelings of obligation and servitude prevail. Love may be a laborious task. Expect some boring administration to be done too.

Around August 15-16 the Sun at 22° Leo opposes Neptune at 22° Aquarius and Mercury conjuncts limiting Saturn at 9° Virgo making that some separation is in the air. There may be a move, travel or a short trip.

There may be some frustrating moments too.

Around this day there is a Lunar Eclipse at 24° Aquarius, a degree of aggression (terrorism, war, assaults etc...) which is reinforced by the applying square between Mars at 28° Virgo and Pluto at 28° Sagittarius.

Indeed, these are powerful and difficult positions and on a personal level they can indicate separation, emotional shocks and violence.

Mars enters peaceful Libra around August 19. Mars here is in the sign of its detriment though and feels rather miserable. Mars fights for balance and harmony (in relationships too) but seems not to create it easily!

Mars always wants to express itself instinctively while in Libra, the sign of "the other", it has to learn to cope with the urges of "the other" too which is not easy at all.

Around August 21, Mercury joins Venus at 19° Virgo, time for some socializing and love messages.

The Sun enters Virgo around August 22, making that 4 points/planets currently reside in Virgo, the sign of servitude, small animals, health and work.

Libras may particularly feel restricted now but for all signs, there is a lot of work at hand.

Mercury and Venus at 21° Virgo oppose exciting Uranus at 21° Pisces around August 23, making for some unexpected funny and enjoyable but short-lived moments. Also, some love-letters, presents or gifts are a welcome interruption from your daily boring life.

Around August 28, Mercury at 28° Virgo squares Pluto at 28° Sagittarius, bringing some vexation and obsessive thinking. What's wrong, what's so annoying? It's in the small print or in the details.

Around August 29, Mercury enters Libra while Venus at 28° Virgo squares powerful Pluto at 28° Sagittarius, bringing talks about love and resolving some love issues. How will you proceed in your romantic life?

Wait for an answer till Venus enters Libra, the sign it rules, around August 30. Your focus is totally on relationships then. You tend to find balance easily. However, try to be firm too when necessary!

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2008 free monthly horoscope for September

The Sun conjuncts Saturn at 11° Virgo, tempering the mood around September 4. This is not a joyful or playful combination in Virgo, the sign of work, health and service. Work clearly comes first now.

A whole lot of highly important planetary activity is going on between September 7 and September 13. Expect important and major events and breakthroughs to come out into the open then. Let's take a look.

Till mid September all planets and points are posited in a "bowl configuration or pattern", Saturn in Virgo being the cutting or high focus planet. This can be a successful configuration but can be difficult and heavy to bear too.

Anyway, people tend to keep their cool and stay rather detached thanks also to Saturn.

There is lots of dedication the first part of September.

Big things begin starting around September 7 when Mars at 12° Libra squares stationing Jupiter at 12° Capricorn. Indeed, Jupiter is at its station now and turns direct, bringing more outward hope and optimism for the coming weeks and months.

It may be very rewarding to fight for your beliefs under this square. However, in legal affairs (divorces etc.), the ingoing (incoming) square with Mars in the sign of its detriment is NOT good because you may lose your case.

This may be particularly so if you're born around July 5, October 6, January 4 or April 3.

The retrograde position of Jupiter in the sign of its fall may have brought struggles with achievements, money, prestige and physical well-being during the past months but now that Jupiter starts its direct course again, it may bring more real and grounded hope.

In our May 2008 predictions, the month in which Jupiter turned retrograde, we mentioned that you might often feel hopeless during this retrogression. Now that Jupiter turns direct, this feeling will belong to the past.

Even if Capricorn is not the flamboyant propagator of hope and optimism, it's still better to have Jupiter direct in this sign than to have it turning back and inward and getting stuck between concrete walls or blocks (symbolized by Capricorn: "the concrete wall").

Also, Mercury conjuncts Mars at 13° Libra around the same period of time on September 8, while heavy Pluto is ready to station at 28° Sagittarius around September 9 and turns direct then.

So, we have two important stations in this short time span in which two planets/bodies turn direct and will manifest more openly from then on.

Both heavy bodies turning direct may bring a huge success and a big step forward. Pluto is about transformations and extremes and Jupiter is about freely widening the horizon in positive and unrestricted spirits.

The Jupiter-Pluto combo can be a success story, brought into the open with all that has been silently accomplished, thought of and researched during the retrograde positions.

Pluto will start its final journey in the last degrees of Sagittarius and will leave this sign in a couple of months to not enter it again for hundreds of years to come.

Just to say that this is the last station of Pluto in Sagittarius. We're entering a new milestone in our (individual and world) evolution, let this be clear.

The last degrees in Sagittarius still have a religious overtone and may still manifest fanatically though.

Around September 9, Venus at 12° Libra squares (stationing) Jupiter at 12° Capricorn.

This means that Venus, Mars and Mercury all square (stationing) Jupiter in a short time span (between September 7 and 13). These 4 bodies have a clear relationship meaning, the more so because Mercury, Venus and Mars are posited in Libra, the sign of relationships.

Expect some change(s) in your relationship(s) (in a broad sense) and actions to be taken.

Venus conjuncts Mars at 15° Libra around September 12, bringing your (love) relationship into the spotlight. Indeed, when the planets of love are posited at a very powerful relationship degree, expect a joyful meeting with your lover, a date, or, in the worst case, love disputes (mostly related to the topic of love too!).

Sometimes there is the meeting of lovers, sometimes there is the clash between lovers with Mars at 15° Libra. Anyway, it's all about love!

The Sun at 20° Virgo opposes Uranus at 20° Pisces around September 13, bringing some disruption, nervousness or tension into your life. Expect something... Anything! Some sudden and unexpected (breaking) news might be changing your life's direction.

Do also know that the Moon's North Node, Chiron, Venus and Mars are posited at 16° in a sign so that important relationship changes (breakthroughs) are very likely around these days!

Mercury and Venus conjoin at 18° Libra around September 15, bringing love letters, enjoyable talks and small gifts. Share your love with your partner, boy- or girlfriend.

Around September 21, the Sun at 28° Virgo squares heavy Pluto at 28° Sagittarius, making for some power struggles and transformations to initiate.

The Sun enters Libra around September 22, bringing socializing powers into your life. Enjoy social events during this entrance of the Sun in the sign of socializing and relationships. You may meet more people.

Around September 24, Mercury stations at 22° Libra while it conjuncts Mars. A WHOLE lot of talks will go on these days, gossip or not...

Because Mercury turns retrograde, it's not wise to openly make any decisions. You can make your point, but don't make any conclusions yet around the day of the station.

22° Libra is a very sexual degree so that talks about sex may be in the air. Communicate your wishes, dreams and phantasies. It's important you don't neglect this. There are no taboos.

Venus enters Scorpio, the sign of sex, taxes and the other's possessions (resources) and physical body(!) around September 24. What has been spoken of in the past days, can be practiced and experienced now. Do enjoy!

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2008 free monthly horoscope for October

Mars enters powerful Scorpio around October 4, increasing passion and instinctive urges.

Around October 6-7 there's more activity at hand: the Sun at 13° Libra squares Jupiter at 13° Capricorn, Venus at 15° Scorpio squares the Moon's North Node at 15° Aquarius, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 13° Libra and Mercury at 13° Libra squares Jupiter at 13° Capricorn.

If you are born around October 7, January 4, April 4 or July 6 expect some news, letters, successful speeches or negotiations.

Venus at 21° Scorpio squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around October 11 making for a romantic mood. However, chances are you can't live love and it all remains rather platonic. Expect deceptions and love's sorrow. Love is at a distance anyway.

Around October 16, Mercury at 7° Libra stations and turns direct again. Mercury changing direction at this degree may bring important changes related to your career, especially if you are born around June 29-30, October 1, December 29-30 or March 29. Also, it may bring some huge deceptions in your relationships (Libra is the sign of relationships - in a broad sense).

Things may become more clear under this station. Chances are there may be disputes in the air.

Around October 18, Venus enters Sagittarius and finds more freedom to relate with whomever one envisions. There is way more travel in the air as long as transiting Venus resides in this sign.

Around October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio bringing more determination.

Mercury at 16° Libra squares Jupiter at 16° Capricorn another time around October 26 (the other time was October 6-7 when Mercury was still retrograde). Be careful in your judgements. Misinterpretations often occur under such a square.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for November

With two planetary stations and some highly important configurations and ingresses of "heavy planets" (the outer planets or bodies), this month may prove to become another highly eventful one. Fasten your seat belts for a rough ride!

It all starts around November 2 when Neptune stations and turns direct again at 21° Aquarius. Around the same time, Mars at 21° Scorpio squares stationing Neptune while Venus at 18° Sagittarius squares both Saturn at 18° Virgo and Uranus at 18° Pisces.

Venus is the apex planet of a T-square, denoting love is under severe pressure these first days of November. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is the classic configuration of break-ups, separation and divorce.

Expect many lovers to break up the relationship and marital problems. A sudden separation from beloved ones will occur too.

This might especially be the case if you are born around June 10, September 12, December 11 or March 9. It will also be of influence if you are born around April 8, May 9, July 11, August 11, October 12, November 11, January 9 or February 7.

The Mars-Neptune square around the same time intensifies anger. Because the heavier planet, Neptune, stations, it has more "weight", gains more importance and prevails. Neptune is about dissolving and letting go. Fruitless actions and energy that leads nowhere. You can't do anything about it but succumb and let it be.

The Mars-Neptune theme may also mark a competitive (the square) and even aggressive time because aggression (Mars) becomes holy (Neptune).

Around November 4, the Saturn-Uranus opposition at 18° Virgo-Pisces of break-ups becomes exact for the first time and will do so another 4 times before 2011.

The other dates of the exact Saturn-Uranus opposition are:
February 5, 2009 at 20° Virgo-Pisces
September 15, 2009 at 24° Virgo-Pisces
April 26, 2010 at 28° Virgo-Pisces
July 26, 2010 at 0° Libra-Aries

If natal Venus is at any of the above listed degrees in any zodiac sign, your love life may be in danger and/or you may become separated from beloved ones.

If that's not enough though, around November 4, Mercury enters Scorpio. Often, 0° Scorpio is called "the gate of death." You will have to change your mind-set and your way of thinking. There is more vexation and issues about shared resources keep you busy. Try to relax if possible.

Around November 12, Venus conjuncts Pluto and enters Capricorn the same day. Love becomes dutiful. Chances are you will feel attracted to (much) older people or feel more comfortable with them.

The Venus-Pluto conjunction may confirm the deep reaching changes that are happening in your love life or with your beloved ones. It may also denote that you currently want to remain alone because of the ingress in restrictive Capricorn.

Venus in earthy Capricorn is now much more into the material world than in the world of "love."

The Sun at 21° Scorpio squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around November 13, bringing a lonely feeling. You may feel lost, disappointed, empty.

Around November 16, initiating Mars enters fiery Sagittarius, creating new ideas and opportunities you want or have to fight for.

Mercury at 21° Scorpio squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around November 17, bringing confusion all around. Misjudgements and miscommunications are likely.

Around November 21, the Sun enters Sagittarius, followed by Mercury around November 23. There is more interest in moving, travel, trips and chances are you will do so as long as the Sun and Mercury reside in Sagittarius, the sign of the "wanderer."

The Sun meets Mercury at 3° Sagittarius around November 25, just before the most important ingress of the year (and era): Pluto enters Capricorn around November 26.

Did it occur to you that every time Pluto entered Capricorn in the previous months, the financial markets crumbled/crashed? Astrology is just about (life) cycles and the repeating themes. Expect another downfall of the financial market.

In the December 2007 issue #37 of our Love Letter, we wrote about the meaning of Pluto in Capricorn. Know what to expect for the coming years... (there was a typo in the article though, it's not January 26 but November 26 Pluto enters Capricorn finally).

The attentive reader may have noticed that in this month of November the degree area of 21° in a fixed sign is quite active. This degree area is associated with the medical fields so that MD's (medical doctors) and hospitals will be called upon more frequently and significantly this month.

Around November 27, Uranus at 18° Pisces stations to turn direct again. Stationing Uranus brings unexpected news and a sudden change of course. It may shake your life for good or for bad. Anyway, don't jump into irreversible changes if you want to make them and be well informed about the consequences.

Mercury conjoins Mars at 9° Sagittarius around November 29, making for some arguments. There's lots of talks (and speeches) in the air then. You will try to make your point clear as much as possible.

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2008 free monthly horoscope for December

Around December 1 Venus joins Jupiter at 22° Capricorn, blessing you if you are born around May 13, June 13, July 15, August 15, September 15, October 16, November 15, December 14, January 13, February 11, March 13 or April 12.

The focus is on friendship (and love), especially if you are born around April 12, July 15, October 16 or January 13. Expect major changes in your love life in the coming months if you are born around January 13-14.

Mercury at 18° Sagittarius squares unpredictable Uranus at 18° Pisces around December 5, while the Sun conjoins Mars at 14° Sagittarius. Mercury will square Saturn the day later so that Mercury is currently the apex planet of a mutable T-square.

Mercury being the apex planet of a T-square built by the Saturn-Uranus opposition is all about messages, letters and news of separation, divorce and death that will manifest between December 3 and 6. In other words, sad news that is.

The Sun-Mars conjunction will demand action and doing something between December 4 and 6. Some fast action is needed. Be aware of too much impulsive behavior though.

Venus, planet of love, enters independent Aquarius around December 8, bringing more love opportunities to all Aquarians (and, actually, to the other Air signs Libra and Gemini as well). Venus does not bond easily in Aquarius as it wants to feel free.

Aquarius is an air sign so that the mental outlook prevails. Because Venus here is thus less physical oriented, you can bond more easily with people who share the same beliefs and opinions. Group involvements get more attention during this Venus transit.

Around December 10, the Sun at 18° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 18° Pisces. Hectic and stressy moments and sudden news will mark this period.

Impulsive Mars at 18° Sagittarius squares Uranus at 18° Pisces around December 12 so that the period between December 9-13 can be very accident-prone, with lots of sudden and unexpected news. Physical injuries may occur, so, take care!

Some people will suddenly change course and their career because Mars almost always is quite job-related.

Mercury enters formal, administrative and restrictive Capricorn around December 12 and conjuncts Pluto the same day. Career changes are almost a given when you are born around September 24, December 23, March 22 or June 23. There may be some administration to do too like paying invoices and bills.

The Sun at 21° Sagittarius squares Saturn at 21° Virgo around December 13 so that there are more obligations to fulfill than enjoyable tasks. It's a very restrictive period in which you cannot fully unfold.

Around December 15, Mars at 21° Sagittarius squares Saturn at 21° Virgo blocking quite some initiatives. You have to push through the obstacles.

The planet of love, Venus, conjuncts the Moon's Node at 11° Aquarius, making for some enjoyable (new?) contacts and meetings.

The Sun enters Capricorn around December 21 and conjuncts powerful Pluto around December 22. Career changes and changes related to the employer are possible outcomes of this transit.

Around Christmas, 4 planets are around 20-22° in a sign (Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Neptune), bringing separation from beloved ones and/or love's sorrow. This might especially be if you are born between January 11-14, February 9-12, March 11-14, April 10-13, May 11-14, June 12-14, July 13-16, August 13-16, September 13-16, October 14-17, November 13-15 or December 13-15.

Mars too enters Capricorn around December 27, the same day Venus conjuncts Neptune at 22° Aquarius. Focused energies combine with platonic and/or unrequited love. This is a good time for some creative and inspirational activities. Go to the movies or enjoy a concert.

Mars conjuncts Pluto at 1° Capricorn around December 28 indicating a huge workload that awaits you. Moreover, Mars in the earth sign Capricorn is very ambitious and may add to the increasing responsabilities and deadlines.

Around December 31, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 28° Capricorn resulting in messages and letters of hope, sent in a formal way. The same day, Saturn stations to turn retrograde at 21° Virgo.

Retrograde Saturn in the earth sign Virgo may cause some delay and frustration re administration. Virgo is very much into health and work and if you are a Virgo or have prominant Virgo traits (due to a stellium in this zodiac sign), expect sorrow related to these topics.

Indeed, you're still not done with burdensome Saturn in your zodiac sign! As long as Saturn regresses in Virgo, issues about food may pop up too.

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