Delineating Venus Returns

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

We already discussed the Venus returns prior to one's marriage but have yet to tell you how to delineate Venus returns actually.

Venus returns are delineated the same way you would delineate Lunar or Solar returns to start with.

Solar returns work out from birthday to birthday (when the transiting Sun returns to its exact position at birth), Lunar returns work out from month to month (when the transiting Moon returns to its exact position at birth) and Venus returns work out till the next Venus return (when transiting Venus returns to its exact position at birth).

So, a Venus return is just a temporary horoscope that is valid till the next Venus return.

A Venus return describes how your relationships unfold and how enjoyable the time frame will be.

Venus returns describe all Venus matters actually and hence, they will describe money matters, topics related to beauty and harmony, comfort and socializing as well.

Calculating Venus Returns

If you want to check out a free online calculator that is able to calculate Venus returns, just check out Astro-seek's online return calculator.

You can also calculate other planetary returns if you wish so.

Of course, most (paid) astrology software programs feature Venus returns so that you won't need to calculate everything yourself.

However, there is a totally free astrology software program for Windows and Android that features Venus returns as well.

This software program is Planetdance.

After downloading the software, you can enter your birth details and go to File > Return > Return Venus and select your radix (natal chart).

Click on OK, select the period and click 'Go.'

Delineating Venus Returns: Some Guidelines

When delineating Venus returns, you should look at the following items first:

  • The angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant and the IC).

    These are very important and must be delineated first.

    Especially look at the degree areas: t
    he Venus return becomes more powerful in case you find 0°, 14°-15° or 29° on an angle.

  • Are there any planets or bodies conjunct an angle?

    These planets are extremely important and set the tone for the Venus return period.

    Is Venus conjunct an angle?

    If so, is Venus afflicted (squared by Saturn for example)?

    If Venus is not afflicted, it may become a very good and enjoyable period.

    In case Venus is afflicted, chances are you may face a separation, some disharmony or other upsets.

    In case the Moon and Venus are both at an angle, this particular Venus return may mark a period of conception and pregnancy !

  • The house position of Venus.

    If Venus is in the 11th house of friendships and group activities, expect friendship to be a focal point during the Venus return.

    If Venus is in the 7th house of partnerships and encounters, chances are you will find a love encounter or have enjoyable contacts with others.

  • The most exact midpoints (45° dial/list).

    These midpoints will point to events, experiences or feelings during the Venus return.

You can follow transiting Venus as it travels through the return chart and find out what happens when it builds exact aspects to the other planets and bodies in the return chart.

Also, the angles are important and whenever transiting Venus conjuncts an angle, expect something to happen around that day.

Usually, Venus-Saturn contacts are sobering, creating a distance while Venus-Jupiter contacts are expanding; resulting in numerous contacts and/or group activities.

However, Venus-Jupiter contacts may also suggest legal issues depending on other aspects or midpoints.

Venus-Mars contacts are related to (welcome or unwelcome) attraction(s), following one's impulses and/or spontaneous encounters.

Venus-Uranus contacts too point to sudden, spontaneous, contacts but any encounter, how enjoyable it can be, is short-lived.

Uranus is too independent and has no staying power.

Venus-Neptune is above all artistic and creative.

This is a very good contact for artistic projects but less so for romantic projects.

Venus-Pluto contacts are often referred to as the spider-web contacts and they may also refer to powerful attachments and (co-)dependent behavior.

Sometimes, they predict the death of a loved one too.

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