Compatible and Incompatible Venus Connections in Synastry

Was He Born To Love You?

We have described numerous Venus connections, analogies or affinities on our web site. 

Powerful Venus connections in the natal chart most often are very significant and describe personality traits, experiences to be lived and/or situations to be encountered.

When two people meet, it's not only the planetary inter-aspects and midpoints that matter (among others) but also the (in)compatibility of the connections that are found in each partner's natal chart.

As is the case with planets, some connections don't blend or match well, are less friendly towards each other and this affects the relationship between the partners.

Below is a table that lists all the possible Venus connections that can be found in a natal chart (partner 1).

The 2nd column lists the connections that are incompatible with the connections found in the 1st column.

In case these are found in the natal chart of the other partner, this may bring about some issues.

The 3rd column lists the compatible connections that are friendly towards the Venus connections listed in the 1st column and that are likely to enhance the relationship as well.

To investigate the compatibility and incompatibility in synastry, we only looked at charts with very powerful connections.

Because a natal chart often has numerous connections, it's not always easy to find out which connection enhances or disrupts which other, making that this research is still in its infancy and will bring more reliable results over time.

Partner 1
Venus Connections
Partner 2
Incompatible Connections
Partner 2
Compatible Connections
Sun/Venus Moon/Mars inconclusive
Moon/Venus inconclusive inconclusive
Mercury/Venus inconclusive Mercury/Mars
Venus/Venus inconclusive inconclusive
Venus/Mars Mars/Pluto
Venus/Jupiter (?)
Venus/Jupiter Mars/Neptune
Venus/Saturn Mars/Uranus
Venus/Uranus Venus/Saturn
Venus/Neptune Venus/Jupiter Venus/Pluto
Venus/Pluto Mars/Uranus

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