Mercury Conjunct the Descendant in the Natal Chart
Some Empirical Research Results

Was He Born To Love You?

Thanks to the Astrodatabank, we were able to find out in an empirical way how Mercury conjunct the 7th house cusp manifests in a natal chart.

We made sure Mercury was the only planet conjunct the Descendant, so to find the essence of this aspect without blending it with other planetary influences.

We kept a small orb of 3° to find the essence of the aspect and divided our research into male and female natal charts.

Because of a small dataset, we were not able to find any difference in outcome between male and female charts, but we found it striking that our empirical research showed some peculiar preliminary similarities in both natal charts of men and women.

What struck us most was our finding that people who have a close Mercury-Descendant conjunction, seemed to be above average involved in car, traffic and/or transportation accidents.

Such natives are also almost always very articulate, and they love reading and/or writing and/or talking.

Hence, it does not wonder we find many teachers with this exact aspect.

It's an aspect that makes vocal in whatever way for sure.

Above average, Mercury conjunct the Descendant seems to coincide with having (at least) one son.

People with Mercury exactly conjunct the Descendant tend to decide very quickly to marry after a "successful date."

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