Saturn Conjunct the Descendant in the Natal Chart
Some Empirical Research Results

Was He Born To Love You?

Thanks to the Astrodatabank, we were able to find out in an empirical way how Saturn conjunct the 7th house cusp manifests in a natal chart.

We kept a small orb of 3° to find the essence of the aspect and divided our research into male and female natal charts.

However, because of too small a dataset, we did not divide the research between male and female charts this time and discuss the most powerful influences found in all the charts of the dataset.

The most striking outcome of Saturn conjunct the Descendant by far is a persistent, determined nature that some also call courageous.

People who have this aspect have, on average, at least two kids.

They are hard workers, often very meticulous, but experience solitary periods in life too.

On average, they have at least one long lasting relationship (be it a marriage or not).

They are often part of a (very) large family.

People with Saturn conjunct the Descendant may live a long life (over 90).

They are on average (very) intelligent and are financially speaking quite successful (even wealthy).

Numerous ones tend to have a high sex drive.

A traumatic childhood experience is part of their life.

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