Venus Conjunct the Descendant in the Natal Chart
Some Empirical Research Results

Was He Born To Love You?

Thanks to the Astrodatabank, we were able to find out in an empirical way how Venus conjunct the Descendant (i.e. the 7th house cusp) manifests in a natal chart.

We made sure Venus was the only planet conjunct the Descendant, so to find the essence of this aspect without blending it with other planetary influences.

We kept a small orb of 3° to find the essence of the aspect and divided our research into male and female natal charts.

Because the dataset was large enough, we made a difference between male and female charts, to see if there are specific outcomes depending on the gender.

The most prevailing descriptions that we at Cosmic Technologies found (i.e. those that were found above average), are listed below.

Venus conjunct the Descendant in male charts

Above average, men with Venus conjunct the Descendant in the natal horoscope experience at least one long-lasting marriage.

They are generally speaking, very principled.

They are also very sociable and have many friends or acquaintances.

Heart issues are often part of their life too.

Venus conjunct the Descendant in female charts

In the female natal horoscope, Venus conjunct the Descendant above average coincides with an absent father during childhood (for whatever reason).

They are often a beauty and/or a model.

There is a big age difference with the partner noticeable as well and, above average, they have at least one daughter.

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