The Part of Fortune
In Your Natal Chart

Is He The Right Man For You?

The Part of Fortune is, perhaps, the most well-known Arabic Part.

The Part of Fortune is often called 'Pars Fortuna' (the Latin term) or the Lot of Fortune and is based upon the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon.

Because it's the combination of the most personal factors in a horoscope, it's a very sensitive point too.

The traditional formula is: Ascendant + Moon - Sun.

However, some astrologers use a different approach for night time births in which case they reverse the Sun and the Moon.

For night time births, the formula of the Part of Fortune would then be: Ascendant + Sun - Moon.

Our own research has convinced us that you must use a different application between day and night time births!

Anecdotal evidence that will follow now has shown this in a jaw-dropping and irrefutable way.

Many, many years ago the founder of our business was shopping in a store and wanted to pay with his credit card.

However, when he tried to pay, the credit card was declined.

After different trials, it didn't work, the credit card was definitely declined for some reasons then unknown.

Because this has never happened to him before and was quite embarrassing, he wanted to look at it astrologically.

After analyzing the daily transits, there were NO exact aspects working.

We, at Cosmic Technologies, work with very tight orbs as much as possible (0°00' - 0°01') because we are convinced that important events happen when some specific planetary configurations are exact.

Checking the midpoints in the 8th harmonic (45° dial/list) did not result in anything as there were NO exact midpoints (0°00' - 0°01') going on.

The progressions and transits together did not bring up anything either.

The next step was incorporating the Trans-Neptunian Planets (TNPs) used by the Hamburg School (Uranian Astrology) in the 45° dial/list.

However, here too, there were NO exact midpoints or planetary pictures active reflecting the situation.

How frustrating that was because, after all, it was a most unusual event that kept him terribly busy at that time as well.

This should have been reflected in the horoscope anyway.

Then, the Part of Fortune and the major Asteroids were added aside from the TNPs.

After comparing all these transiting points with the natal chart in the 45° dial/list (orb 0°00' - 0°01') there was only one single midpoint that was active:

transiting Saturn = the natal midpoint (Kronos/Part of Fortune)
(orb 0° 00')

Clearly, when transiting Saturn (the blockage) was EXACTLY at the natal Kronos/Part of Fortune midpoint at the very moment of the decline of the credit card, this single midpoint told the complete story in a totally mind-blowing and truly jaw-dropping way!

In Uranian astrology, Kronos is "the Master" and the Part of Fortune is related to financial matters.

If you know that the credit card was a Mastercard (and not a VISA card or American Express card or...) your jaws may even start to drop more.

Indeed, the midpoint between Kronos (which represents "the Master" in Uranian astrology) and the Part of Fortune (credit card, a financial card) symbolized the "Mastercard credit card" and with transiting Saturn right at this midpoint, the credit card was blocked/declined.

In our opinion, this truly cannot be more convincing.

This experience solved two questions at once:

  1. what does the Part of Fortune mean?

    The Part of Fortune has to do with financial matters and wealth (for good or bad).

    It's related to the area that brings (mis)fortune and (un)happiness.

  2. should we reverse the Part of Fortune in night time charts?

    Clearly yes!

    Only when taking into account the difference between a day and night time birth, the Part of Fortune gave the extraordinary result in the above mentioned experience.

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