Natal Mars and Your Relationships
Our Empirical Research Results

The Best Sign For You To Love

In astrology, Mars represents the primal urge to act, to initiate, to push forward, to ignite.

Natal Mars tells something about where your actions and activities go to.

Hence, it's foremost an indication of your job or work-related interests.

Because Mars foremost represents the primal urges and drives, in matters of relationships, it points to instinctive physical drives.

Mars is as significant for women as for men and we at Cosmic Technologies don't follow those astrologers who think Mars is just a male thing, as if women don't have primal urges ;)

However, in our research we do make a difference between male and female horoscopes because we are convinced that men and women act the planetary principles out differently.

There is too much evidence that cannot be neglected.

What natal Mars signifies for your relationships (in the widest sense) will be discussed in the articles you can find below.

Our research results as based upon empirical research, gratefully analyzed with the help of the AstroDatabank.

No control groups are used though, neither have we used statistics to validate the results.

After all, we are convinced statistical research is not the way to research astrology because statistics are still about probabilities.

Life, on the other hand, is not a probability but an experience that follows strict (Universal) Rules (as mentioned in the Kybalion, among others).

But now to our articles about natal Mars and its influence on your relationships (in the widest sense):

Mars-Jupiter connections

Mars-Neptune connections

Mars-Saturn connections

Mars-Pluto connections

Mars-Uranus connections

Mars in the zodiac signs (in female charts)

Retrograde Mars in female natal charts

Natal Mars and happiness in relationships

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