Mars In The Zodiac Signs - Observations In The Female Chart

Was He Born To Love You?

Mars in the zodiac signs is actually telling in what way you use your urges and 'drive.'

Mars is the ruler of the cardinal fire sign Aries, which is the 1st zodiac sign in the Tropical Zodiac.

The Universe starts so to speak with archetypal fiery Aries traits so that Aries is all about a new beginning.

Because Mars rules this zodiac sign, it takes on most of its meanings.

Hence, Mars is active, even pushy and action-oriented. Mars is the do-er and therefore, his main domain is just working and being busy.

That's why Mars is one of the most important work-related planets and if you want to know about your job, analyze the position of Mars in your natal chart!

Because Mars rules the zodiac sign of the beginnings, Mars is still naive.

It has not experienced everything yet and just wants to ignite, initiate and start something.

Therefore, Mars is not very cerebral but just about raw physical and primal urges, instincts and reflexes that exist for the sake of just doing something.

Mars is not a thinker and thus able to act in too premature a way, resulting in some clashes and accidents.

Mars impulses are not steered properly and just lived out openly.

A predominant Mars makes for a very outgoing and spontaneous personality that tends to bump into somebody or something.

In matters of love, a predominant Mars will show someone who initiates and takes the first step.

A weak Mars (by zodiac sign) shows the opposite tendencies and is more hesitant and less spontaneous.

Mars is about raw energies and represents the purest physical and non-emotional, non-cerebral urges.

Therefore, Mars is linked to the sexual urges as well.

And for a reason because extravert and action-oriented Mars represents a linear penetrating force that is awaited by its counterpart, receptive Venus.

So, from this archetypal perspective, it's obvious that Mars needs to be interpreted differently in natal charts of women and men.

In the natal chart of women, Mars represents the archetypal male characteristics she longs for.

In the natal chart of a man, Mars primarily represents his work and job and secondarily his primal urges like his sex life.

Let's talk about Mars in the female chart first.

The archetypal picture of the man in a female chart can be delineated by looking at the position of Mars in the zodiac sign, house and its aspects and midpoints.

Below, we list a couple of our findings that may help to delineate Mars in the zodiac signs.

If you are interested in finding out what retrograde Mars in female natal charts indicates, click here to read about our empirical research findings.

Mars in Aries seeks the impulsive, even brash, 'primitive' man who loves speed.

It can be an uncooperative and straightforward man.

Mars in Taurus is about the willful business-man, quite inert and set in his ways.

Mars in Gemini longs for a cerebral man with a keen intellect.

He can be argumentative though.

Mars in Cancer adores home-loving men.

They can be moody.

Mars in Leo loves a man of prominence or a man who is often in the spotlight.

He needs to be gallant.

Mars in Virgo loves 'obedient' or subordinate men who are of service.

It's a practical 'handy-man' who can be a workaholic though.

In some instances he may be extremely critical.

Mars in Libra needs a mediator or diplomate and a distinguished or civilized man.

Mars in Scorpio loves a powerful and highly intense man who is able to share his passions.

They can be reticent and jealous.

Mars in Sagittarius is always on the go so that a wanderer and/or a sports-minded man fits.

Also, it's possible that the man is a foreigner or met in a foreign country.

He should have quite some zeal.

Mars in Capricorn is about men in a uniform or who have positions in the corporate or political world.

It's the dignified climber who loves to set boundaries.

Mars in Aquarius needs detached and independent men, who are often 'on the go.'

They should be cerebral and innovative and may have interests in humanitarian causes.

They can be brusque though.

Mars in Pisces loves silent and more reclusive men.

They should be very nature-loving but may face some addictions.

Of course, these delineations have to be blended with the aspects and house meanings.

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