Natal Mars and Happiness in Relationships

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Whether or not you will be happy in relationships is often written in your own natal chart, as part of "the natal promise."

While Jupiter is often told to represent happiness, evidence has shown that this is not the only factor to look at, the more so because Jupiter primarily enlarges, widens, exaggerates instead of bringing happiness.

Taking a look at the essence of the meaning of Mars will shed another light on the matter.

Mars is the most instinctive driven and primal planet of all.

Mars is the self-asserting and penetrating drive that needs to live itself fully and cannot stand and cope with delay, obstruction, hesitation or restraint.

Mars is very extravert and will do anything to out itself in a linear, direct, honest and open way.

Mars is happiest being and living itself fully.

Planets are influenced by the zodiac sign they are posited in though; the signs color the planets accordingly and build the background of the action.

Some zodiac signs enhance and strengthen the planetary meanings while other zodiac signs restrict the meanings and cause more frustration.

Fiery Mars feels best in fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) and air (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) signs, because both extravert and outgoing signs encourage the extravert Mars traits.

In these extravert zodiac signs, Mars is able to let others (the partner as well) know what they like or don't and what they need.

Sharing your needs and primal urges in an open and unrestricted way is necessary for someone to feel comfortable, content and fulfilled.

When you have Mars in the more introvert earth (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) or water (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) signs, chances are, your primal needs and urges are outed in a less direct way, or even withheld and not expressed at all.

Mars in the introvert signs, is more fearful to show or out the urges directly, resulting in more guilt, lower self-esteem, anxiety and even self-destructive behavior.

Mars in a water or earth sign easily feels overruled and overpowered by outer or external situations, circumstances and persons -- which lowers feelings of happiness in relationships.

Numerous psychological studies have pointed out that extravert people are happier than introvert people.

The extraverts are more likely to find chances to fall in love, for example.

And this gives them "a happiness edge" over others.

They are also the soul and life of parties and more easily draw people around them.

However, such studies almost always analyze Western cultures and in the Western world extraverted personalities are still favored.

Western society seems not to accept introverts easily because of the focus on competition, energetic and sociable interaction, the impact upon others, clear directions and instructions.

So, though psychological studies in the Western world are biased in some way, it's still a fact that when Mars is not able to express itself in the natal chart because of its sign placement, it increases personal dissatisfaction and lowers your happiness factor in relationships.

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