The Eros Principle

The Best Sign For You To Love

Eros is an Asteroid (#433, discovered on August 13, 1898 in Berlin by Gustav Witt) that some astrologers link to erotic love.

This makes sense because in mythology Eros represents a primal god (the male sexual force) born out of Chaos.

Hence, in astrology, it is told to represent physical desires.

However, Eros is much more.

The Asteroid Eros also represents the reproductive organs, the passion for life, sexual interests, survival instinct, excitement, emotional consummating desires.

Eros may indicate obsessive-compulsive drives and attitude.

The main principle of Eros is thus passionate desires.

It's a mindset and primarily works out mentally (a mental process).

In medical astrology, the Asteroid Eros not only represents the reproductive organs but the heart as well.

By the way, Asteroids should never be delineated in isolation.

The main and prime reason to use Asteroids in your analysis is to fine-tune and get more detailed information in addition to the main horoscope analysis.

Most often Asteroids confirm what is already written in the chart and they give some additional juicy details not revealed otherwise.

There are tens of thousands of Asteroids packed in a horoscope wheel of 360°.

It makes no sense at all to use wide orbs when delineating aspects to Asteroids.

It's way beyond our comprehension that many astrologers still use orbs as wide as 3° or more to delineate the aspects to Asteroids in their analysis.

This way, you can 'prove' anything in a self-delusive and unscientific way.

The Asteroid principles are especially noticeable when they are at the same numerical degree as other planets or bodies.

When using the Asteroids allow an orb of maximum 1°.

There are related Asteroids with almost the same meanings, depending on their aspects: Juno, Lust, Psyche, Valentine, Sappho... and much more research is need to discern the finer meanings of the Asteroids.

In synastry (chart comparison), Eros indicates what excites you about the other.

According to Dr. J. Lee Lehman's observation if one person's Eros makes an aspect to another person's planet, the Eros person is smitten with the Planet person.

We can partly confirm this, especially when the very tight aspect is made with a personal point of the other.

Eros of one partner tightly aspecting the other's Sun may show physical attraction while Eros in a tight aspect to the other's Mars may denote sexual attraction.

In synastry, the Asteroid Eros may really point to a "turn on."

Eros has no meaning as to the endurability of a love union though.

Moreover, our preliminary research results rather point to unrequited love (affairs)!

After investigating the principle of Eros and its symbol (an arrow piercing a heart), we tend to believe, the symbolism is apt and may rather indicate an overwhelming and/or passionate affair that may end if no other configurations indicate endurability or 'true love.'

Indeed, Eros has nothing to do with 'true love' but rather with 'love or lust at first sight' and a magnetic pull.

Finding the position of Eros in the horoscope:

When you go to the Astrodienst AG web site,

  1. go to their free reports section (click on Free Horoscopes in the top navigation bar).

  2. Click on the Extended Chart selection.

  3. Type your birth details where it says at the top or log in.

  4. Scroll down the page and at the bottom of the page there is a box that reads 'Additional objects'.

  5. Below that box, there is another horizontal box which says "Additional asteroids, fixed stars, and other objects, please select from the respective lists below."

  6. Type 433 in the box, and then click the blue button to show the chart and you'll have the position of Asteroid Eros in your horoscope.

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