The Natal Sun and Your Relationships

Is He The Right Man For You?

In astrology, the Sun represents the physical body and your creative self-expression.

The natal Sun tells something about your will and energy potential.

In matters of relationships, the Sun is more significant for women than for men though because the Sun reflects and represents the archetypal male principles and thus shows the traits and characteristics a woman is attracted to.

Hence, in a female natal chart the Sun describes the husband foremost.

This is very noticeable when you look in the natal chart of a woman at the planets that are conjunct the Sun, as we already discussed after this link.  

However, irrespective of the gender, because the Sun also points to your own physical body and Self, it makes sense that all your relationships (in the widest sense) are part of your external environment -- which is represented by the planets (and sign) opposite your natal Sun.

Planets that are opposite your natal Sun represent the actors or players you encounter and meet (for good or ill) and that stand right there in front of you and your physical body while the zodiac sign opposite your Sun sign represents your external environment.

Planets opposite your natal Sun take on a relationship meaning, which is also the meaning of an opposition aspect.

Oppositions point to awareness coming from external sources, situations or persons outside of us.

By researching all the solar oppositions in natal charts, we at Cosmic Technologies, have found some interesting correlations that we will discuss after the links below.

In our research, we only used very small orbs (3°) to make sure we got the essence of the combos.

The results were obtained mainly by consulting the AstroDatabank and they are based upon empirical research, not statistical research.

They were not compared to control groups.

As usual, we split up the delineations between male and female horoscopes.

Sun-Moon oppositions

Sun-Saturn oppositions

Sun-Pluto oppositions

Sun-Mars oppositions

Sun-Uranus oppositions

Sun-Lunar North Node oppositions

Sun-Jupiter oppositions

Sun-Neptune oppositions

Sun-Lunar South Node oppositions

Aside from the opposition aspects, the so-called connections, analogies or affinities are very telling too and accurately describe essential traits or characteristics.

Below we analyze the following planetary connections that involve the Sun.

Sun-Moon connections

Sun-Venus connections

Sun-Jupiter connections

Sun-Uranus connections

Sun-Pluto connections

Sun-Mercury connections

Sun-Mars connections

Sun-Saturn connections

Sun-Neptune connections

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