The Natal Sun-Saturn Opposition
Some Empirical Research Results

Was He Born To Love You?

In astrology, the zodiac sign opposite your Sun sign reflects your relationships and encounters in the widest sense.

The zodiac sign opposite your own Sun sign acts like a mirror and represents everyone and everything you encounter.

It makes sense that planets that oppose your Sun and are thus in the zodiac sign opposite your Sun sign, or in the 7th sign counting from your Sun sign, or around the 7th house cusp (equal house system with the Sun on the Ascendant), reflect characteristics and traits of your encounter, of "the other."

Such planets take on a relationship meaning, which is also the meaning of an opposition aspect.

Oppositions point to awareness coming from external sources or persons outside of us.

We at Cosmic Technologies wanted to find out if such planets actually could describe your relationships and/or partners.

Thanks to the Swiss Astrodatabank we were able to research solar oppositions.

In this article, we describe the natal Sun-Saturn opposition (taking into account an orb of 3°).

As usual, our research is divided into male and female horoscopes.

The natal Sun-Saturn opposition in female charts

On average, lots of women with a tight Sun-Saturn opposition are widowed (irrespective of the number of marriages like Empress Carlota of Mexico or Claire McNamara).

Interestingly, when one of the personal planets, points or bodies is found at 14° in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), the Sun-Saturn opposition in female charts may indicate the woman is never married (Carol A. Peel, Romy Ransom).

With Venus in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), the Sun-Saturn opposition in a female chart tends to highlight a highly bitter divorce (Ivana Trump, Francoise Gauquelin, Sandra Allard).

However, this aspect does not prevent a long-term marriage -- irrespective of the number of marriages (Francoise Gauquelin, Eleonora Kimmel).

Many of the women with a natal Sun-Saturn opposition are sociable but also ambitious;  which is often reflected in dating or marrying a noted mate (Ivana Trump, Marilyn Wilson, Claudia von Schierstedt, Francoise Gauquelin, Princess Aiko).

Some psychological or physical challenges and issues result in seclusion, confinement or tough physical restrictions (Empress Carlota of Mexico, Linda Carlton, Tiffany Chin).

Lots of these women are business-minded and love administration (either professionally or in private).

The natal Sun-Saturn opposition in male charts

On average, men with a tight Sun-Saturn opposition are very hard workers (Vincent Bugliosi, Charlie Dierkop, Gianni Agnelli, Hans Christian Andersen).

They often experienced childhood trauma like poverty, a parent who died or divorced parents (Gianni Agnelli, Hans Christian Andersen, Frank Capra, Herb Emery, Upton Sinclair, Dan Seals).

Many of the men are born in a large family (Frank Capra, Gianni Agnelli, Franco Harris).

Despite some possible divorces, separations, love affairs and/or mistresses, many were able to maintain a long-lasting marriage though (Frank Capra, Gianni Agnelli, Tony Randall, Bill Balke, George Deukmejian, Peter Guralnick, Gordon McRae, Henry Mancini).

In case there is a child, there is at least one son.

Men with a natal Sun-Saturn opposition tend to be very articulate (Michio Kaku, Peter Guralnick).

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