The Natal Sun-Lunar South Node Opposition
Some Empirical Research Results

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

In astrology, the zodiac sign opposite your Sun sign reflects your relationships and encounters in the widest sense.

The zodiac sign opposite your own Sun sign acts like a mirror and represents everyone and everything you encounter.

It makes sense that planets and points that oppose your Sun and are thus in the zodiac sign opposite your Sun sign, or in the 7th sign counting from your Sun sign, or around the 7th house cusp (equal house system with the Sun on the Ascendant), reflect characteristics and traits of your encounter, of "the other."

Such planets and points take on a relationship meaning, which is also the meaning of an opposition aspect.

Oppositions point to awareness coming from external sources or persons outside of us.

We at Cosmic Technologies wanted to find out if such planets actually could describe your relationships and/or partners.

Thanks to the Swiss Astrodatabank we were able to research solar oppositions.

In this article, we describe the natal Sun-Lunar South Node opposition (taking into account an orb of 3°).

As usual, our research is divided into male and female horoscopes.

Natal Sun-Lunar South Node oppositions in female charts

In most cases, women with a tight Sun - Lunar South Node opposition are married only once, and often widowed as well (Frances McEvoy, Susan Butcher, Bo Derek, Beth Heiden, Hilda Hilst, Silvana Mangano).

They are very private (Annie Lennox, Silvana Mangano, Bo Derek).

Some of them are child performers (Annabella, Bo Derek, Jackie Bird).

This aspect points to award-winning assets (Ulla Werbrouck, Marie-Claire Restoux, Beth Heiden, Susan Butcher).

There are many moves and/or travel in their life (Annabella, Amy Brenneman, Susan Butcher).

Natal Sun-Lunar South Node oppositions in male charts

On average, men with a tight Sun-Lunar South Node opposition are brash, principled, articulate, combative and ambitious (Charles E. Dederich, Kenneth Lee Adelman, Pierre Samuel DuPont, Mutt Gonzalez, Tom McCall, Bernard MacFadden, Warren Moon).

Many are well-taught (Kenneth Lee Adelman, Oscar Arias-Sanchez, Hector Hetherington, Sully Prudhomme, Elias Hutter).

Some of them have also experienced the loss of their father during childhood (Bernard MacFadden, Richard Jr. Saggese, Sully Prudhomme).

In numerous cases, men with this aspect face some brushes with the law (Willy Coppenolle, Charles E. Dederich, Obie Henderson, James Parker, Vincent Perez, Jean Roussel, Edgar Smith, George Ziemann).

A very important trait is that they love to publish or write (Edward W. Whitman, Edgar Smith, Jose Sarney, Sully Prudhomme, Edoardo Ponti, Gerasime Patilas, Bob Monkhouse, Frank D. Jr. Molinski, Tom McCall, Elias Hutter, Guy de Maupassant, Bernard MacFadden, Hector Hetherington, Robert Fisher, Kenneth Lee Adelman).

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