Mercury and Your Love Life

Is He The Right Man For You?

We owe it to the late Lois M. Rodden, a meticulous data collector and keen astrologer, for her Mercury method of chart comparison, showing how important Mercury between partners/couples really is.

Other astrologers like K T Boehrer and Robert P. Blaschke, have done interesting studies on the importance for Mercury in love and romance as well.

Mercury is the archetypal messenger and when communication no longer works, any relationship, of whatever kind, will surely go down.

Hence, it's best to have strong Mercury contacts between partners.

Mercury in the natal chart

In the natal chart too, some configurations that involve Mercury, seem to have a meaning regarding love and romance according to statistical research by German astrologer Harald Hoffmann.

According to his statistical findings, the Mercury-Lunar North Node opposition in a natal chart is one of the aspects which increases the odds of separation and divorce somewhere in life, irrespective of the gender of the native.

On the other hand, when Mercury trines the Lunar North Node in a natal chart, it seems to enhance relationships, adding to the possibility of staying together, irrespective of the gender his findings show.

In male natal charts, the Mercury-Lunar North Node sextile is told to be one of the aspects that increase the odds of separation/divorce.

In a female chart, no major Mercury aspects are found that may increase the odds of separation.

In a male chart, Moon-Mercury (semi)squares and Mercury-Ascendant conjunctions are told to be two of the other aspects that may enhance a relationship.

In a female chart, Mercury-Saturn squares are told to be one of the aspects that may enhance a relationship, as well as Mercury-Lunar North Node conjunctions.

These are only a few configurations or aspects that involve Mercury and based upon statistical research.

Never forget that one aspect or configuration alone is not telling as it's always wrong to only take one piece of the puzzle in isolation to judge the cover of the puzzle.

It's the many pieces together that count.

But nevertheless, we first have to find the single pieces of the puzzle and statistics can be one of the tools that can help to find these.

Sun-Mercury connections

Mercury-Venus connections

Mercury-Jupiter connections

Mercury-Uranus connections

Mercury-Pluto connections

Moon-Mercury connections

Mercury-Mars connections

Mercury-Saturn connections

Mercury-Neptune connections

Mercury in the wedding chart

Having Mercury retrograde in a wedding chart (or marriage horoscope) is told to presage problems when progressed Mercury turns direct again.

Just count the degrees between the date of the wedding and when Mercury goes direct to find out when the marriage is likely to break up or your love life is going to start deteriorating.

Mercury in synastry

In synastry (or the simple chart comparison between partners), Mercury has an important role to play.

Some inter-aspects that involve Mercury are told to be very difficult:

  • Moon-Mercury squares between partners suggest communication is not going fluently
  • Mercury-Uranus squares between partners too tend to disrupt and break off communication between the involved persons
  • Mercury-Mars squares and oppositions between partners may indicate arguments, disputes and having a sharp tongue.

    In some instances the opposition may indicate some mental or verbal teasing, but this may at times go out of hand in the long run.

When partners have Mercury in different or incompatible elements, the mindset, way of thinking, thoughts and ideas may differ a lot, resulting in misunderstandings, miscommunication and disagreements.

The partners are not talking about the same topic.

For example, when one partner has Mercury in an air sign and the other has Mercury in an earth sign, they may talk and think about the same things in totally a different and even discordant way.

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