The Lunar Nodes And Your Love Life

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In astrology, astrologers often use sensitive points that are actually no physical bodies like the planets and Asteroids but mathematical points.

The Ascendant is one of these sensitive points, the Lunar Nodes are another example.

What are the Lunar Nodes?

The Lunar Nodes are also called the Moon's Nodes and always build a pair.

Both points are always in opposition and called the Dragon's Head, the North Node (or Caput Draconis), Rahu in Indian astrology on the one hand and the Dragon's Tail, the South Node (or Cauda Draconis), Ketu in Indian astrology on the other side.

The Moon's Nodes are the points where the Moon's orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic.

They have an average retrograde motion of about three minutes of arc per day and take about 18 years to complete a full cycle or revolution of the zodiac.

Because the Moon's Nodes do not move at a predictable speed, they are calculated in two positions, the true position (which gives the exact position as the Moon crosses the ecliptic) and the mean position (which gives the presumed position based upon the average speed).

We use both positions but have found the mean Node of the Moon to give better results when using a very very exact orb (0°00' - 0°01').

However, since astrologer David Cochrane's research into this matter in January 2022, we switched to the true Lunar Nodes instead of the mean Lunar Nodes.

Do know that even the true position of the Moon's Node is not really true and exact as the true Node is only really exact at times that the Moon crosses the ecliptic twice a month.

In between, the position is still approximate!

In case we would find the true Moon's Nodes less accurate in our astrological work in practice (using orbs of 0°00'-0°01'), we will consider using the mean Nodes again.

The Meaning of The Nodes

In the astrological literature, you will almost always read about the Nodes in a rather black-and-white style:

  • The North Node is considered positive, bringing success and having Jupiter traits

  • the South Node is negative, bringing failures and having Saturnian traits

Some astrologers call the Nodes the destiny or Karma points pointing to your life's mission.

However, it's not that simple.

Considering the Nodes are always opposite, it's difficult to claim that one side is always 'good' and the other side is 'bad'.

Both Nodes always act together instantly, are one unit so it's not a 'either - or' combo like a seesaw.

The Nodes are always remaining a pair representing a release (South Node) in favor of or to connect with something else (North Node).

The primary principle behind the Nodes is one of connecting.

The Nodes connect to whatever.

They form a bond, build a link to different things (material or immaterial).

To build a link or to connect, you automatically and instantly have to let go something else.

The Nodes show what binds you with people, concepts, topics, events, interests etc.

They show what connects you and what may hinder or promote your consciousness and evolution.

No wonder that the Moon's Nodes are important in synastry when it comes to connecting with someone else.

While the Moon's Nodes in the natal chart show the topics and areas of (dis)interest and what binds you, the Lunar Nodes in synastry point to what connects you with someone else (for good or bad).

Our own research has shown that in the natal chart, the North Node points to what you like and what you want to be, whereas the South Node points to what you want to leave behind or what is not of interest (anymore).

Also, the South Node clearly refers to the past, to the family and to your roots.

The North Node refers to what you envision and have to learn to embrace.

Astrologers who look at the Nodes from an evolutionary point of view may have it right here: life unfolds from the South Node going to the North Node.

Hence, the Lunar North Node is indicative of where your current life is heading and what kind of switch your life will make when leaving the South Node.

Because the Nodes are sensitive points, they do not 'radiate' or emanate light.

They only receive light and energies. The Nodes act like a catalyst and only become operative when aspected by other factors.

As always, exact midpoints (45° dial/list or 8th Harmonic within 1° orb) in which the Moon's Node is found, work out powerfully.

Aside from the midpoints, the exact conjunction and square are the most powerful. Then follow the trine and sextile.

From all the many astrology schools that worldwide exist and that we know of, the natal interpretations of the Nodes by the Swiss API School (Astrologisch-Psychologisches Institut or Huber School) are the most spot-on, reliable and practical of all.

The 18 Year Cycle

When you have the Moon's Nodes prominently (angular for example) or in a very exact aspect, the themes represented by the factors that are closely linked to the Lunar Nodes will manifest in a cycle of about 18 years.

The Lunar Nodes in Synastry

Some astrologers have found that synastric conjunctions to the South Node are not pleasant and point to past life connections.

The partners meet again this lifetime because of 'Karmic debts'.

The South Node person has to (re)pay to the planet person because of negative experiences.

The South Node person owes the planet person a debt or a service from a past lifetime -- often in a material/financial way too.

These astrologers also claim that if there is only a synastric South Node conjunction (and no North Node conjunction), the relationship will be one of (growing) aversion.

We cannot confirm nor deny these claims.

Our own research is not conclusive yet but the first research results suggest that other exact configurations (like exact midpoints that are most often overlooked or not taken into account) shed a better light on the relationship and its success or failure.

We tend to go with the other astrologers that have found exact conjunctions (and aspects) to either the North or the South Node to be very important for a love relationship to exist.

In other words, no love relationship without close Nodal contacts in the synastry.

However, as such, the Nodes don't tell if the relationship will be successful or not.

Karmic oriented astrologers claim that when there is a synastrical South Node conjunction without a synastrical North Node conjunction, it means the completion of the connection between the partners denoting that they will not meet any longer in the next life.

If there is also a synastrical North Node conjunction the partners have met in past lifetimes and will still meet in future lifetimes.

It represents an ongoing soul union.

When there is only a North Node conjunction, the relationship is totally new and rewarding too, opening new frontiers and leaving behind old patterns.

Click here for more information about the Lunar Nodes in synastry.

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