The Lunar Nodes in Synastry

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

We already posted some information pertaining to the Lunar Nodes (or Moon's Nodes) and their meaning in the chart comparison (synastry).

We wrote that the primary principle behind the Nodes is one of connecting.

The Nodes are a bonding factor in the horoscope and they represent a magnetic force.

Because the North Node and the South Node are always opposites, they can be compared with the magnetic North and South poles.

The North pole is energizing, the South pole is more soothing.

North pole energy spins counterclockwise and South pole magnetic energy spins clockwise.

Likewise, the Lunar Nodes act like a magnet.

The tighter other planets and points aspect the Nodes, the more noticeable the effects will be.

In the chart comparison (synastry) between two people, planetary contacts of person A to the Nodal axis of person B can be very revealing.

Using the Lunar Nodes in synastry is essential to find out how both partners bond and what they have to learn from each other.

The closer the aspects (don't exceed 1°), the more magnetic the bond or connection -- for good or bad.

Planets or bodies at the same numerical degree as the Nodes are particularly important and powerful.

In our research, we noticed that the sesquiquadrate (aspect of 135°) is a very tragic and painful one.

When a planet or body builds such an exact sesquiquadrate, tragic events related to the planet/body of the other may happen.

Squares are stessful because they are in the middle of the magnetic forces -- pulled and pushed at the same time between both poles -- and thus in a stalemate position.

In such a position, the planet or body that squares the Nodes of the other person is an objection or obstruction so that magnetic attraction is blocked.

Only other exact aspects to the Nodes can releave this tension.

Exact Nodal contacts with the Ascendant-Descendant or MC-IC axes of the other partner are particularly important but should not be overrated.

After all, the Nodes are not very fast-moving so that anyone from the same age group builds the same contact.

However, when the Nodes conjunct the relationship axis (Ascendant-Descendant axis) of the other partner, they may show a profound bond or connection, affecting both persons, in particular and most the Ascendant person.

There is a huge magnetic pull for good or bad and a very strong connection (possibly, and even likely, from a past life).

Know though that statistical research by the German astrologer Harald Hoffmann shows that the conjunction of the male Ascendant with the female North Node denotes breaking-up because the partners have (or one of the partners has) too much extra-relationship contacts.

In other words, too much socializing outside the union may result in separation as indicated by this Ascendant-Lunar Node conjunction.

Moreover, empirical research has shown that when the North Node of person A is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of person B, person B is almost always in love with person A.

Indeed, it's the Ascendant partner who is in love while the North Node partner "only" feels respect and friendship for the Ascendant partner.

Both partners are sociable and feel comfortable with each other (except when other inter-aspects say otherwise). 

When the Nodes of person A conjunct the Nodes of person B, there is a magnetic pull also, that can be accompanied by a magnetic push.

We have evidence that both North Nodes at the same numerical degree (in conjunction) are an indication that both partners met each other by an extraordinary series of 'coincidences' anyway.

It's not sure if the North Node of person A conjunct the North Node of the other partner is better or worse than the conjunction between the North Node of person A and the South Node of the other partner.

Only very exact aspects can show us the real meaning of the combinations.

There is some evidence to suggest that the North Node of person A exactly conjunct the South Node of person B indicates extremely strong and powerful attachments that seem to be almost "unbreakable."

When using the Lunar Nodes in synastry it's important to understand that the planet or body person brings or transports the meaning of the planet or body to the Node person.

In case the contact (especially the conjunction!) happens with the North Node, the North Node person tends to accept the meanings and significations of the planet of the other.

In case the close contact (especially the conjunction) is with the South Node, the South Node person tends to reject, restrain or has it difficult integrating the significance of the planet of the other.

South Node contacts (conjunctions) show that the South Node person lacks growth potential and may disrupt or even quit the relationship (if there are no other strong love ties noticeable).

It looks like the nodal axis reinforces the meanings of the planets of the other person that are conjunct it -- for good or bad.

Squares to the Nodes and planets or bodies that conjunct both the North and the South Node at the same time can result in very strong attractions but at the same time result in an uncomfortable push and pull making for a difficult or unpleasant bond.

Sextiles and/or trines from planets and bodies from person A to the Nodes of person B are less intense and perhaps the most comforting and enjoyable.

In conclusion, the exact Lunar Node contacts between two people bring them magnetically together and create a bond, but not always in a comfortable or pleasant way.

As always, you can't judge the cover of the puzzle by only analyzing one single piece of it in isolation.

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