Rulerships in Synastry

Is He The Right Man For You?

Every planet in the natal chart rules a certain house (or sector), this is just basic astrological knowledge.

We already discussed the rulerships of the 7th house (or Descendant) and how it describes your partner and your relationships, seen from your own natal chart.

We're now going to use the rulerships in synastry, between two natal charts and investigate how the rulerships can influence (the relationship with) the other person and the mutual life events you (will) share.

The most important points in any natal chart are the most personal ones: the Ascendant, the MC, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars (let's disregard the Part of Fortune, the Moon's Node and other sensitive points to not make it too complicated).

The other planets and bodies are important too, but rather of secondary importance because they are slower moving and often generational planets/bodies.

When doing a chart comparison with the rulerships, we are looking for all EXACT aspects (orb less than 1°) that any planet, body or point makes with the PERSONAL points and planets of the other person, inclusive the house cusps.

We use the Topocentric house system (that can be used all over the world, unlike other house systems).

Write the aspects down and the more the aspects are exact, the more they will work out.

EXACT aspects (orb 0°00' - 0°01') will manifest profoundly between both partners as long as they are or come together!

Whenever both persons 'meet-and-greet', the exact aspects (and midpoints) will mark the relationship in a very deterministic way.

If a planet of person A squares the Ascendant of person B, look at what house that planet in the natal chart of person A rules.

If the planet rules, for example, the 5th house of children, it will be the children of person A that affect person B in a challenging way.

This may even result in separation, caused by the children, if other separative configurations can be found additionally.

If person A has no child(ren), this may denote that both partners will just have NO children!

This can be a problem if one of the partners really wants children!

If a planet in the natal chart of person A exactly squares a planet in the natal chart of partner B AND if the planet in the chart of person A rules the 12th house while the planet in the natal chart of person B rules the 5th house of children, we almost know for sure that there will be NO children between both partners in case other configurations confirm this trend.

Again, if one of or both partners really want(s) children, this is a huge issue.

With the help of these astrological rules you know that both people are NOT suited to have children in a natural way -- how much they love each other.

Often, a couple wonders why they cannot conceive, though there are no medical indications of infertility or whatever in both persons.

Our statement and absolute conviction is this: when we find the aforementioned aspect between both rulers in a chart comparison, you both will just NEVER have any children naturally because some energies prevent and prohibit it.

Finding another person C that has no adverse aspects to the 5th house cusp or the ruler of the 5th house will do the trick and almost miraculously, person B will get pregnant!

No need to manipulate or force things or take drugs!!

In the same way, people really can "heal" each other (Jupiter of partner A in a harmonious aspect to the ruler of the 1st house, Ascendant or the Sun in the natal chart of partner B for example) or make each other sick (Saturn of partner A square the ruler of the 6th house or the ruler of the 1st house, Sun or Ascendant of partner B, for example).

People can enhance each other's lives (Jupiter of partner A in an exact harmonious aspect to the MC, ruler of the Ascendant or MC of partner B), or destroy it (too many configurations actually...).

That's why, for example, partner A will always have financial issues with partner B, but never with partner C or D (because, for example, Saturn in the natal chart of partner A might square the 2nd house cusp or ruler of the 2nd house in the natal chart of partner B, but not with any rulers or house cusps in the natal charts of partner C or D).

If the planet rules the 2nd house of money and possessions, it will be the money or possessions of person A that affect person B in a challenging way.

Similarly, this is also why you will always encounter (traffic) accidents with someone else who has his/her Mars square your own natal 3rd house or ruler of the 3rd house...

It really pays to take into account the rulerships in synastry for additional and highly important information that is missed otherwise.

The energies reflected by the planets and rulerships found in the natal charts of people influence each other, often unknowingly, and bring about life events that mark our lives for good or bad.

Astrology can decode, decipher, analyze or translate these energies.

That's why it is SOOOO important to know whom we meet or get a relationship with.

With some people you will always make the same mistakes that you never make with others.

Some people will make you rich, some healthy, some a victim... 

However, you will NEVER EVER find a partner who is just and only building harmonious aspects to your planets, house cusps or rulerships.

Every person brings some challenges with him or her and it's up to you to decide whether or not you can live and cope with it ALL (the good and the "bad" the other brings).

Astrology can only help and warn you and let you know how bad the challenges might or will be. 

Whenever we put both persons together, the exact aspects (and midpoints) will mark the relationship in a very deterministic way.

If you find in the chart comparison the following inter-aspects:

  • the planets of person A build harmonious aspects to the Ascendant of person B (denoting B feels good)
  • the planets of person B build disharmonious (challenging) aspects to the Ascendant of person A (denoting A feels uncomfortable)

then you will know that person A may leave (his/her Ascendant is 'afflicted' by the other's planets), while person B may stick to the other (his/her Ascendant is well-aspected by the other's planets) and will not understand why person A will leave.

The rulerships in synastry give the clue and will tell why person B feels uncomfortable or dissatisfied in the union.

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