What did we order? The Romantic Compatibility Report

What did it cost? $24.95

What did we get? Horoscope.com delivers personalized Readings based on your birth information, name, etc... They say their Reports are -- on average -- 5 to 30 pages long, easy to understand and revealing!

The detailed analysis is written by world famous astrologers and they deliver the Reports Next Business Day via Email.

With the purchase of your Report you get 2 free bonuses: your free natal chart wheel and a free Sarcastic Stars Report.

This web site can be viewed in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian, which we is very positive.

We ordered the Romantic Compatibility Report from a listing of Reports that Horoscope.com delivers.

We encountered no problems when ordering. We first had to enter the birth data of the respective partners, then comes the payment option.

Indeed, soon after we submitted our order we received the Report embedded into an e-mail -- inclusive our natal Chart Wheel in attachment in gif-format -- accompanied by another e-mail confirming our order.

Romantic Compatibility Report was exactly the same Report we ordered from AstrologySource under the name 'Advanced Compatibility Report', from The Sky View Zone under the name 'The Compatibility Report' or from Astrology.com under the name Romantic Compatibility Report.

We think you can get the same Report from Astrology Chart Zone too.

We payed $24.95 for this single Report (even if there is a bonus of the free Sarcastic Stars report).

At Astrology Chart Zone you get THREE Reports for this price!!

As we rated this Report with 3 stars, this report from Horoscope.com gets 3 stars too.

However, in our opinion, even if you get 2 bonuses, this Report is far too expensive. Know that this is just a computerized Report!

We refer to our Astrology.com (iVillage), The Sky View Zone or AstrologySource pages for some information about the content of the Report.

The free Sarcastic Stars Report was the same as the Naughty Natal Report, delivered by the same services.... (For a review take a look at The FutureMinders).

Our rating:

Reviewed: April 2004

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