Astrology Chart Zone
(Now discontinued!)

What did we order? The Composite Chart Report

What did it cost? $14.95 (with a known birth time) + $3.14 taxes = $18.09

What did we get? Astrology Chart Zone has the look and feel of The Sky View Zone. And indeed the web site is set up by Anne Mogul, who is also the astrologer/author behind the The Sky View Zone.

Update May 2005: Astrology Chart Zone is no longer online. Check their Reports at The Sky View Zone.

We still post our review below for your information.

They only deliver astrological reports and though we expected that we might receive the same reports we ordered from The Sky View Zone some months ago, we chose the Composite Chart Report.

Ordering went flawlessly and in fact we much more liked ordering from this nice and clear site than from the confusing Sky View Zone.

The payment option from ClickBank was -- as usual -- very straightforward too. The Thank You page stated that we would receive our order by e-mail within 24 hours (or less).

Indeed, an hour after we submitted our order we received the Report accompanied by another e-mail with the Composite Chart attached.

The composite Report was, exactly as expected, the same Report we ordered from The Sky View Zone.

So, we refer to our analysis mentioned at our The Sky View Zone page, rating this Report with the same 3 stars.

There is a lesson to learn from this: DO compare the prices.

We paid $18.09 for this Report ONLY, while at The Sky View Zone, you get THREE Reports for this price!

On the other hand, at Astrology Chart Zone there is an option to get FOUR Reports for the price of ONLY $24.95.

It's up to you to decide.

Our rating:

Reviewed: March 2004
Updated: May 2005

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