Horoscope Matching
(Now discontinued!)

What did we order? The Horoscope Matching Report

What did it cost? $10.00 + $2.10 taxes = $12.10

What did we get? At Horoscope Matching, a neat and functional site!, they deliver this specific Report: the Horoscope Matching Report.

You first have to enter the birth data of the respective persons. Then comes the payment option at ClickBank.

Ordering went flawlessly. We were informed that the Report would reach us within 24 hours.

According to the web site the analysis would include the birth chart of both persons, and an analysis of the points they score in mutual love, strength of the marital bond, financial prosperity, progeny, sexual compatibility, etc... (Guna system).

The total points assigned are 36, a score of less than 18 is considered low and marriage in not advisable between the couple.

Even if the score is higher but one of them is a Mangalik but the other is a Non Mangalik (depending on the position of Mars in the horoscope), marriage is not advisable.

The web site goes on saying that the calculations and charts from Horoscope Matching are generated by a computer to save time but the inferences are entirely made by Vikram Chandiramani, an astrologer and mystic based in Bombay, India with several years of astrological study and research behind him.

He personally spends time going over each chart since this is a major responsibility affecting the lives of people for years to come.

The Horoscope matching report should include the vedic birth chart of both partners in PDF-format (so you need Adobe Reader).

This birth chart should have

  1. The birth ascendant or lagna, sun Sign, moon Sign and 'Nakshatra', of both partners

  2. Birth Chart, 'Navamsha', 'Vimshotari Dasha' of both partners, and basic matching of their Planetary Details

  3. Matching of both horoscopes considering all important aspects and factors.

  4. Compatibility Analysis as per ancient Vedic norms, using the Guna or point system point system, totaling 36 points,

  5. Also taken in consideration is Guna milan, that is the position of Moon sign wit respect to each other's Moon sign in the respective charts. If this is not auspicious, it can lead to misfortune.

  6. 'Mangal Dosha' Analysis (Mangalik), including probability of 'Mangal Dosha', Effects/Results of 'Mangal Dosha', Cancellation of 'Mangal Dosha'.

  7. They can also tell you how to deal with Mangal dosha, there are ways in which a mangalik and a non mangalik can get married.

    Eventual recommendation on the possible success of the marriage and whether it is advisable to go ahead.

HOWEVER, after we placed our order and received the ClickBank Payment Confirmation by e-mail, we never received any analysis or Report from Horoscope Matching.

We sent an e-mail referring to our order but our e-mail "bounced"... (reason: unrouteable address, user unknown).

So, please, BEWARE!

The owner of this web site seems to have at least three other web sites too.

The first is 123Predictions.

The second web site is Astrologyonline.net.

As this web site does not seem to deliver relationship or compatibility reports, we have not reviewed it.

The third web site, run by a certain Nimmi Chandiramani, IndianVedicAstrology.com prints the following message on the 'love synastry report'-window: "Due to time constraints, I'm unable to accept reading requests for a few days. Thank you for visiting this site." (but the order form is still online!!).

As it became clear that we would never receive our Report, we requested a refund from ClickBank.

After all, we paid for an undelivered Report/order.

Some days later ClickBank refunded our purchase.

Our rating:

Reviewed: March 2004

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