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What did we order? The Match Making Report

What did it cost? $50.00 + $10.50 taxes = $60.50

What did we get? This is another web site delivering different Vedic astrological reports. This web site is run by Manmohan Krishna Tikku. According to the web site his scientific bent of mind always sought answers to the questions particularly in respect of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets.

In pursuit of this passion he joined the Indian Navy and after graduating from the National Defence Academy was commissioned in the service in July 1958.

Here too, to quench his thirst for the knowledge of planetary configurations, he opted and specialized in hydrography and it was here that he learnt the geodetic method of position fixing of heavenly bodies.

A method that is even today applied, particularly in space exploration, because its soundness and accuracy remain unsurpassed. It is this system he still uses today.

His last assignment with the Navy, in 1977-78, was as Deputy Hydrographer where in besides other things he was charged with the duties of making the Tide Prediction tables for the coast of India.

Tikku sought scientific answers and devoted most of his efforts in the field of research and he is now devoting his entire time to promote this science.

We ordered the (quite expensive) Match Making Report.

We had to enter the birth data of the Groom and the Bride. After doing so, we tried to submit the order form.

This did not work. We tried to order this form for several times on different days, but could not submit it.

At last, we sent an e-mail to Commander MK Tikku pointing to the problem we encountered on his web site.

We almost immediately got a response. He was going to do the utmost to solve the problem.

In the mean time, he suggested we give the different birth times of the Groom and the Bride, so that he already could work on the requested document.

However, some hours later, we were notified that the problem was solved, so we chose to fill in the order form.

We visited the web site and tried to order the Match Making Report again. After entering the birth data of the Groom and the Bride, we were successfully directed to the payment option.

Indeed, everything seemed to work flawlessly now.

A day later we received our Report in PDF-format. So, you need the Adobe Reader to read it (in case you still haven't installed this software on your PC, Commander Tikku includes a link for a free download of the Adobe Reader).

The Report is about 11 pages long, with a lot of graphics/ Indian chart wheels and information.

There is a listing of the different planetary positions of both horoscopes (the birth chart, the Moon chart and the navamsha).

The Ashtkoot Guna Chart is present as well (a system assigning points to 8 specific factors resulting in a total scoring between 0 and 36), the higher the score the better the relationship.

In another chapter the consideration of Mangala Dosha is analyzed. Then follows the Dashkoota Guna Chart, according to the Kalaprashika Method.

This is just another method assigning points to 10 + 3 specific factors resulting in a total scoring between 0 and 44.

This Dash-Koota Compatibility Chart is then analyzed in more depth in the Match Making Report.

The document was drawn up with Parashara's Light 6.0, one of the best and most powerful Vedic astrological software programs.

The layout of the Report is very functional, professional and clear.

We were VERY satisfied (even impressed) with the impeccable customer service delivered by Commander Tikku.

The Document itself is most valuable too, though we find the Report still quite pricey considering this is still a software generated Report.

Nevertheless, It's one of the best and most extensive Vedic astrological Reports we've seen. You get all necessary information in a professional way.

This Report from (now discontinued) is absolutely recommended.

Our rating: -

Reviewed: April 2004
Updated: February 2008

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