What did we order? The Horoscope Matching Report

What did it cost? $10.00 + $2.10 taxes = $12.10

What did we get? 123Predictions seems to be a small but neat and functional site set up by Vikram Chandiramani, an astrologer and mystic based in Bombay, India with several years of astrological study and research behind him.

We ordered the Horoscope Matching Report.

According to his web site the Report analyzes 10 items: Dhina, Gana, Mahendra, Sthree Dheerga Porutham, Yoni Porutham, Rasi Porutham, Rasyadhipathi porutham, Vasya Porutham, Rajju Porutham and Vedhai Porutham.

Another very important factor that he seems to take into account is the position of Mars in the horoscope with reference to the first house.

Sometimes this makes a person a Mangalik and marriage to a Non Mangalik may invite misfortune in the areas of Wealth, Longevity, Health or other areas depending on the houses affected.

The maximum points assigned to the above mentioned items are 36, a score of less than 18 is considered low and marriage in not advisable between te couple.

Even if the score is higher but one of them is a Mangalik but the other is a Non Mangalik, the marriage is not advisable.

Back to the order. You first have to enter the birth data of the respective persons. Then comes the payment option at ClickBank. But here it went wrong.

After we submitted the birth data of the two persons, we were supposed to get the ClickBank payment option. Not so.

We only got a message 'could not find the server, page cannot be displayed'. We wondered if there was a broken link and e-mailed the web site owner...

Till now, our e-mail remained unanswered...

Some days later we tried to (re)order the Horoscope Matching Report again.

Fortunately, this time everything seemed to work fine. We could submit the birth data of the persons and we could proceed to the ClickBank payment option.

After our payment, we got a Thank You message saying that our report has now been sent for processing and will be e-mailed to us within a day.

We were waiting for a week and still got NO Report in our mailbox. We were willing to wait... but not too long anymore.

Then we would request a refund.

FORTUNATELY, after a while, on the day we planned to request our refund, we received our Horoscope Matching Report from Vikram Chandiramani.

The Report is in PDF-format, 6 pages long with a lot of tables (Avakhada Chakra tables, Nirayan planetary longitudes) and chart wheels (lagna charts, Chalit and Navamsa charts of the respective persons).

Also included is the Vimshotari Dasa listing of both persons. The Report ends with an analysis of the major Gunas (resulting in a Guna Match Table with a total score from 0 to 36).

If you are not yet accustomed to Vedic Astrology, this Report is quite technical.

The novice will possibly just read the analysis of the Gunas and the Match Table, indicating whether or not a marriage is recommended.

The analysis of the Gunas is done in a very clear way.

After all and after a long wait, we were happy to still get this Report and consider it a good reading (considering the price).

If you want this Report, be patient!

The owner of this web site seems to have at least three other web sites too: Horoscope Matching.

Before you visit that site, just read here how we fared with ordering from that web site...

The second web site is Astrologyonline.net.

As this web site does not seem to deliver relationship or compatibility reports, we have not reviewed it.

His third web site, run by a certain Nimmi Chandiramani, IndianVedicAstrology.com prints the following message on the 'love synastry report'-window: "Due to time constraints, I'm unable to accept reading requests for a few days. Thank you for visiting this site."

Our rating:

Reviewed: April 2004

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