California Astrology Association

What did we order? The Compatibility Report

What did it cost? $17.00 + $8.00 shipping and handling = $25.00

What did we get? California Astrology Association seems to be specialized in spells, good luck pieces, voodoo dolls etc... and delivers some astrology readings too. They deliver worldwide.

There are two types of the Compatibility Report, the Friendship Reading and the Romance Reading.

We ordered the Romance Reading. Entering the birth data of the partners is easy, however, there is only one box in which you have to enter the place of birth (don't forget to enter your state, province or country of birth too).

It's very strange that in this computerized era, the Report is not sent by e-mail...

Instead, the reports are shipped the old way -- by snail mail... So anytime you order a report you will have to pay some shipping and handling too.

Because we have not yet encountered an astrological service that still delivers reports by (snail) mail, we expected something special, an exquisite layout or format that cannot be e-mailed....

We thought we would get an exclusive booklet about the relationship.

Some weeks later, we received the Report as well as a catalog.

California Astrology Association is definitely more about wicca, spells, wanga and voodoo dolls etc... than about astrology.

Interestingly, they seem to have quite some testimonials about their spells...

The Report was nothing special, just a printed version of the Romantic Compatibility Report we ordered from AstrologySource under the name 'Advanced Compatibility Report', from The Sky View Zone under the name 'The Compatibility Report' or from under the name Romantic Compatibility Report.

We think you can get the same Report from Astrology Chart Zone too.

It's not clear to us, why California Astrology Association delivers this Report by mail.... They could spend less paper by sening this report by e-mail and reducing the price.

However, they would not be able to send their catalogue with spells and testimonials...

We payed $25.00 for this printed Report. At Astrology Chart Zone you get THREE Reports for this price!!

As we rated this Report with 3 stars, this report from California Astrology Association gets 3 stars too.

We refer to our (iVillage), The Sky View Zone or AstrologySource pages for some information about the content of the Report.

Our rating:

Reviewed: April 2004

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