What did we order? The Love Life/Matchmaking Compatibility Report

What did it cost? $20.00 + $4.20 taxes = total cost of $24.20

What did we get? We ordered the Love Life/Matchmaking Compatibility Report and were prompted to first enter the birth information of the two partners. We had to enter all the information in some (text) blocks (no pull-down menus, radio buttons or boxes to make the input easier).

Also, there are some radio buttons checked with their terms and conditions, one of them saying that "you agree not to claim any refund once the order is fulfilled and the services are rendered to you."

Strange enough you cannot uncheck the radio buttons!

The fact that you "agree not to claim any refund once the order is fulfilled and the services are rendered" beyond your will (as the radio buttons cannot be unchecked) contradicts the statement on their support (FAQs) page.

Indeed, under the "What if I am not satisfied with the results?" heading 5StarAstrology.com says that:

"it's impossible to not be satisfied! However, if the results prove to be inaccurate, we will refund your payments."

Strange, very strange...

5StarAstrology.com claims to be a team of dedicated astrologers with in-depth knowledge of Astrology. Their philosophy is to give serious astrological services with a human touch.

They say they are proud to have a large customer base - and have never received a single complaint!

Also they claim that all calculations are manually checked - using the latest discoveries on pure and applied physics and astronomy. Every single analysis they make is based on their hard work.

They say they rely on their growing knowledge of astrology - unlike others who merely rely on computers...

Our interpretation is that the Report is not the analysis or work of a human astrologer, but rather that the (computerized) charts are manually checked by a human astrologer...

From this reading, we expect a computerized report.

So far about 5StarAstrology.com. Let's get back to our order.

After the input of the birth information came the payment option that made it possible to pay through PayPal or through the Clickbank credit card procedure.

We chose the PayPal option and the payment went flawlessly.

Immediately after finishing our payment we got three different e-mails: the first from 5StarAstrology.com thanking us for completing their form and letting us know they would be in touch with us shortly, a second from PayPal with the receipt of our Clickbank-PayPal transaction and a third from Clickbank with our order confirmation.

Some hours later we received another e-mail from 5StarAstrology.com with our Report in attachment as a html-file.

In the body of their e-mail there was a (very) short synopsis of the total match score. In our case, 5StarAstrology.com suggested not to go for this match.

The html-file contained the "match analysis" of the couple and it got immediately clear that this was a Vedic compatibility analysis.

A table lists some specific vedic keywords but does not include the planetary positions. This we find a pity, as we would like to know if the charts were calculated in the sidereal zodiac.

The lagan (= lagna?) and lagan lord (= lagna lord?) of the two people correspond to the tropical zodiac, not to the sidereal zodiac.

The Report includes the "lagan chart" (shouldn't that be a "lagna chart"?) of the partners as well as the "navmansa charts" (shouldn't that read as "navamsa charts"?) in North Indian style.

The charts are quite difficult to read and even if this is a html-document, the charts seem to be made in "text-mode."

Then follows a "GUN-DOSH MATCHING TABLE", analysing "Varan", "Vaishya", "Tara", "Yoni", "Griha", "Gan", "Bhakoot" and "Nadi" resulting in a total score.

Here too, it's strange to find a typo in this Report from 5StarAstrology.com: shouldn't "Varan" read as "Varna"?

Then follows a short but detailed analysis of the 8 scores in (bad) English. Clearly, this is a computerized report from India and what may be "typos" may well be bad translations too.

To us, typos are no real problem as long as the techniques and the quality of the prediction(s) are accurate.

The delinations of the different scores are mediocre and not always quite accurate. So, read the delineations with care.

However, even if the Report gave the couple a "medium match" score (not quite bad), the body of the e-mail was clear: "the couple *should not go* for this match."

In our opinion, here the human astrologer intervened (as mentioned on their site).

5StarAstrology.com hit the nail, the couple separated in the mean time.

After all, this is a very short Report from 5StarAstrology.com with quite some typos and delineations that are not always accurate but that are modified by the intervention of the human astrologer in the overall conclusion mentioned in the body of the e-mail.

However, we are still not sure if the report is based on the tropical or the sidereal zodiac.

For the content, this Report is way too expensive and that's why we cannot give 5StarAstrology.com all its stars.

Our rating:

Reviewed: February 2006

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