What did we order? Horoscope Matching Report (pre-marriage horoscope) -- Kundli matching

What did it cost? $36.00 + $7.56 taxes = total cost of $43.56

What did we get? Of the many reports that Soothsayers-India deliver, we chose the Horoscope Matching Report, delineating a Kundli matching between two people.

You have to fill out the birth information for the two persons and at the same time you have the option to ask three complementary questions that they will answer too.

Now, that's an interesting option!

After filling out the order form we were taken to the Clickbank payment option.

The ordering procedure is very clear and went flawlessly.

Immediately after ordering, the "Thank You" page states that it takes 7 - 10 days for an order to be processed.

We like this, because it may mean that this is not a computer generated report...

Exactly 7 days after we placed our order, we got two e-mails from Soothsayers-India; one just saying that our report was sent by another e-mail and the other e-mail with our Horoscope Matching Report in attachment.

We were very pleased to receive both e-mails as we know that it happens that e-mail clients or ISPs block e-mails or attachments.

So, it's a good service that they let us know the report is sent.

The Horoscope Matching Report contains 16 pages (18,155 characters) in MS-WORD format.

Now, that looks great (especially considering the price!).

The first three pages contain the birth information of the partners.

Though the astrologer(s) of Soothsayers-India say that the dates mentioned in the report are in DD/MM/YYYY format this was definitely not true.

The dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format...

This sentence seems to be valid in reports that forecast events in a certain time span, but here it's a compatibility report without predictions.

Also, the layout is not brilliant and there are a lot of spaces and blanks in the report.

Instead of 16 pages, you can reduce it to perhaps 11-12 useful and content-rich pages.

As this is an Indian (Vedic) report, it is based on the Vedic system 'ASHTA GUNA CHART' which means that out of a total of 36 points, the "bride & groom" must score at least 25 points for a match to be termed as "good."

Then follows the Horoscope Matching which is the analysis and comparison of natal the Moon constellation of both partners.

Points are assigned for eight different lunar compatibility factors and a total of 18 or more is needed for emotional and psychological stability and ability to create a nurturing home environment.

The eight different Moon factors are delineated:

  1. Varna: Spiritual and Mental Compatibility (the degree of spirituality and ego development)

  2. Vashya: Power Compatibility (the degree of magnetic charm and who will be able to control whom)

  3. Tara: Birth Star Compatibility (important in assessing peace, prosperity, financial strength, health and longevity of the couple)

  4. Yoni: Sexual Compatibility (the degree of sexual affinity & sensual desire)

  5. Graha Maitri: Psychological Compatibility (the mental compatibility and affection for each other)

  6. Gana: Natural Compatibility and conjugal harmony (the nature of the two different individuals at a mundane level, and the compatibility of temperament and mutual daily behavior)

  7. Bhakoot: Moon sign compatibility (overall prosperity and the growth of family, family welfare and economic prosperity after marriage)

  8. Nadi: Genetic Compatibility (health of the couple and the offspring)

Soothsayers-India delineate the 8 factors quite in-depth and give a short prediction in "plain English" too.

After giving the total score of the 8 Moon factors Soothsayers-India give us a warning, because, even if the scores are good, they absolutely want us to know there are areas that do not show good compatibility!

That's really great as we only want honest advice!

Apart from the above referred 8 types of Moon compatibility Soothsayers-India also checked the "luck factors" after marriage.

Soothsayers-India conclude this extensive Horoscope Matching Report with some specific recommendations on (expensive!) gems and Rudraksha that are suitable.

Also, the complementary questions that were asked are answered very accurately.

Even if there is no real end-conclusion, they leave it up to you, the report contains very valuable information, warnings too, that will be of great help.

This Horoscope Matching Report is expensive, but still one of the best we've read, the more so because it's in plain English, not overly technical, and has some very accurate warnings and information.

Also consider that they answer your (three) specific and additional questions/queries in-depth and very to-the-point.

It's always better to be well-informed BEFORE you marry someone.

Highly recommended!

Our rating:

Reviewed: June 2006

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