Till now we only reviewed one Report of

What did we order? The Compatibility Report

What did it cost? $11.95

What did we get? We ordered the Compatibility Report. We must say we were very impressed by the look and feel of Astrocenter's Web site. It's a very clean, beautiful and functional site.

Ordering was very easy to do. We first had to enter the birth data of the two partners. The next step was the payment option which posed no problems either.

Instantly after submitting our order we could view the Compatibility Report online in HTML-format.

We also got two e-mails in our inbox, one containing the invoice (!) and the other containing the Compatibility Report. This gave us a very good impression of the way works!

The Report contained 5 good-looking HTML-pages, beginning with a short introduction saying that the Report includes the following sections:

The Combined Psychological Profile and a Psychological Profile of the two individuals (analyzing the Behavior as a Partner, Daily Life, Emotions, Career and Social Life).

The introduction concludes with the planetary positions of both partners (however, the position of the Ascendants were missing).

The Combined psychological profile was quite short and described the inter-aspects between both rising signs.

But here, misses the point.

As a lay(wo)man you will read the Report as is and think it's right what 'they' say.

As an advanced astrologer we look at it differently: the Report says, in our case, that the rising signs of both partners square one another.

This was totally wrong, in reality both rising signs were trine one another!

After reading the Report, we could see that it's a textual error because all other planet-house descriptions in the Report were correct.

Anyway, in our opinion such a mistake is unpardonable. This error throws the overall credebility of the Report into the shades.

The Report goes further delineating the individual psychological profiles by describing the position of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the partner's houses.

These short delineations were one of the best we've seen, with most accurate 'predictions.'

This Report is one of the few hitting the nail with very accurate and frankly written descriptions that will astonish the reader.

That's why we feel sorry that a textual or programming error makes this Report diminish in worth.

Otherwise, the content is short but awesome.

Because of the error that the report contained, we cannot give this reading more than three stars.

It would, however, deserve 5 stars if could get rid of the mentioned error.

Our rating:

Reviewed: December 2003

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