Kozmik Horoscopes
(no longer available since 2015)

Kozmik Horoscope (Deluxe Reading +
7th house super detail reading)
Relationship Reading between two people

Horoscope (Deluxe reading)

What did we order? Horoscope (Deluxe reading)

What did it cost? $50.00 + $10.50 taxes = total cost of $60.50

What did we get? On this Reading we could ask to look at an area of our life in super detail by clicking on one of the 12 areas of our choice (coinciding with the meaning of the 12 houses).

We chose the 7th area (marriage partner, business partner, enemies, dealings with the public), coinciding with the 7th house.

Filling out the birth details was easy, though you have to enter all the details manually without the help of pull-down menus. This is not a real problem, though but not very convenient.

After filling out and submitting the form we got a message on the screen confirming that the birth details have been sent and that we should use the 'back' button on our browser to return to the Kozmik 'input' window to click on a payment link.

This procedure is quite a confusing thing because one never is accustomed to return to the entry screen to just click another link with the payment options by credit card or PayPal.

But after all, the payment option went flawlessly too.

The order confirmation page prompted us to send an e-mail to Kozmik with our username and a password that was printed on that page.

The additional information on that page made it clear that the Kozmik Horoscope Reading would be in html-format.

So, we e-mailed this information.

The order procedure is rather time-consuming and uncommon, but poses no real problem. A more user-friendly way would be welcomed though.

Within 24 hours, as stated on Kozmik's web site, we got an e-mail from David Ryan saying the report was online now.

David Ryan is the man behind Kozmik as we learned from browsing his site.

Clicking the link in his e-mail brought us to an unknown page. We entered the link manually in our web browser and this time the horoscopoe reading loaded fine.

The problem was due to a missing part of the URL-address in his e-mail link.

Thanks to the former instructions on his web site we could reconstruct the correct address and load our horoscope report.

We can imagine that novice computer users might have had problems loading the report because they would have never seen the typo and would have never been able to correct it themselves.

The Kozmik Horoscope Reading contains a horoscope wheel that was cast with the help of the free Astrodienst services.

Then follows a huge reading (24 html-pages) in plain text starting with the combination of the Sun and Moon sign followed by a delineation of the planets (and Chiron) in the signs.

The next chapter delineates the planets in the houses with a special emphasis on marriage and love affairs (as this was our area of choice).

The aspects to the angles are also included, as well as the Vertex and Part of Fortune (Pars Fortuna)! We have never seen any report delving into the meanings of these two special points.

Also, the minor aspects (biquintile, semi-square and semi-sextile) are part of this Kozmik Horoscope Reading.

While this clearly is a computer-generated reading (with kind of a cookbook delineation), there is much to read. One of the most important disadvantages of such automated readings are the contradictions in it.

Kozmik warns for this too and states that the contradictions are not real contradictions but can be both active.

In the report we ordered, we came across the following contradiction:

On the one side we read: "This position gives Venus great influence in your chart. It is an excellent indicator for a happy and fruitful marriage or partnership."

On the other hand, we read further on: "There is a danger you may experience some loss, separation or sorrow in marriage, as well as the potential of loss from law suits" and "This is a key influence in your chart, Venus is very helpful here and indicates that even in strained relationships you are usually able to handle things well.

You could however suffer losses or some upsets in relationships as well because of an adverse influence on the generally positive Venus influences."

You need a good feeling to know which interpretation prevails or offsets the other and in which situation. For novice astrologers or laymen/women this is very confusing.

But, on the other hand, the delineations are mostly to-the-point and offer insight.

Again, there is very much to read in this quite expensive report from Kozmik.

We would like this report to be cheaper, especially because it's computer generated!

For this price the reader should be able to know which aspects or configurations outweighs the others.

That's why we cannot give this reading 5 stars.

However, you will not be disappointed by Kozmik's very extensive horosope reading and we can absolutely recommend it if you want a report of some lasting value and if you can afford the price.

Our rating:

Reviewed: March 2006

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Relationship Reading

What did we order? Kozmik's Relationship Reading between two people

What did it cost? $50.00 + $10.50 taxes = total cost of $60.50

What did we get? We ordered a Kozmik's Relationship Reading after we ordered the Kozmik Horoscope (Deluxe reading).

Actually, that's what Kozmik also recommends; you should order the relationship reading after ordering the deluxe reading and soon you'll understand why...

Anyway, after we got our Kozmik Horoscope (Deluxe Reading + 7th house super detail reading), we got a link in our e-mail with some other reports and profiles that Kozmik delivers.

Of course, we could not wait to order the Kozmik Relationship Reading between two people.

You have to be careful though as you are linked to a page on which you can order different reports and readings!

To repeat, we ordered the relationship reading for two people for 50.00 USD.

We were immediately directed to the Clickbank payment option which went flawlessly, as usual.

Then, we were directed to a page on which we got our username and password.

The order confirmation page prompted us to send an e-mail to Kozmik with our username and a password that was printed on that page.

As we have not sent the birth information for the two people this time, we were asked to send it in the same e-mail. So we did.

After e-mailing the birth information for both people, the username and password, we got an e-mail from David Ryan with the report in the body of his e-mail the next day.

This time, it was a huge disappointment as the Kozmik relationship Reading was very, very short.

Also, the Relationship Reading contained no chart wheels - instead we found some typos in the Reading (a proof that this was not a computer generated report indeed!).

Kozmik's relationship Reading analyses the most noticeable "links" between both charts; in THIS case the Sun, Moon and Ascendant of both people and their house positions, the position of Saturn, the position of the male's Venus and the position of the female's Mars.

Also, the Reading describes some other planetary aspects that are important in THEIR charts.

So, yes, it seems David Ryan delineates the charts himself, trying to find the most important and prominent planetary configurations.

Some of his delineations are accurate while other ones are not. Some of his so-called "most noticeable links" are wrong... Yes, synastry is a difficult topic for sure. We know what we are talking about!

After the noticeable links between both charts he interprets the Composite Chart. Here too, the Composite Chart wheel is not enclosed.

In the Composite Chart Kozmik gives a reading for the dynamics, meaning and purposes of the relationship itself.

David Ryan delineates the most important configurations of the Composite Chart in a most condensed way. No frills here.

Some of the interpretations are apt, others are absolutely not.

This Relationship Reading ends with a summary.

However, the summary of Kozmik's Relationship reading misses the point.

While Kozmik writes that this looks like a real attraction between both people and a well balanced relationship, in reality this relationship split up.

Think twice before you spend $ 50,00 (+ taxes) to Kozmik's very extensive Relationship Reading!

When you compare this Relationship reading with his Horoscope Reading and the reports and profiles the competition provides, one can hardly understand how come that this reading is so expensive.

While Kozmik's Horoscope Reading is recommended, this Relationship Reading is only recommended when you have too much money, a lot of grains of salt and have previously ordered the deluxe horoscope reading, because you will find more basic information in it that you need to understand the Relationship Reading.

Our rating: /

Reviewed: March 2006

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