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Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Numerous online astrological services provide visitors free compatibility horoscopes.

Just take a look at our free love horoscopes page.

In fact, these personalized charts mostly are free samples of full reports one normally has to pay for, hoping that the visitor will (ever) buy a full report.

Are these free compatibility charts valuable?

Do they give an idea of how the full reports look like or are they just an empty box with a nice string. What quality can you expect of free compatibility horoscopes?

Is it possible to get quality for free?

We will tell you, right on this page.

As time goes by, we will review most free compatibility horoscopes and publish our results and ratings here.

All profiles get a rating, ranging from 1 star (not recommended) to 5 stars (highly recommended).

  • : not recommended. Very disappointing content. Seems to be the wrong analysis.
  • : disappointing content, poor. Not professional. Too general delineations.
  • : mediocre. Fair deal. Generalized profile without peculiar remarks. You will get some interesting information.
  • : recommended. Good content. Useful.
  • : highly recommended. Astonishing content, considering the report is free. Most insightful and useful. Quite reliable information.

What did we select? Romantic Compatibility report
What did we get? The Romantic Compatibility Report is just a sample of the full-length report. This short report, containing some 13 sentences, gives an interpretation of the compatibility of the Sun Signs. This sample does not take into account the time and location of birth and cannot be but very general. In fact, the description of these free compatibility horoscopes gives no idea on how serious and complete the full-length report will be. You can find these short Sun Sign descriptions in most astrology books and on the internet. Moreover, surfing the internet gives you much more content. We cannot imagine that a layman or novice astrologer would order the full-length report, solely based on this sample text. Customers want something more to decide whether or not AstroSale delivers quality! Because of this, we cannot rate these free compatibility horoscopes with more than 1 star.
CosmiTec's rating:                     Reviewed: November 2003
Update: As of April 2006 Astrosale does not seem to be online anymore...

Astrology iVillage
What did we select? The Single Sky Report
What did we get? The Report is a (very, very) small sample of the Single Sky Full-length report. This short personalized report gives an interpretation of your Sun sign. The sample was way too small (only some sentences) to judge the content of the full-length report. Though you can see what the full-length report contains by looking at the sample of a celebrity, it's not telling much about your (love)life. The given interpretation are valid for all people born under the same Sun sign. Even if it's free, we found the personalized sample too small to pick our interest. As a bonus, iVillage gives a link to your Chart Wheel, but it's not the Chart Wheel that is of interest for the layman, but the individualized interpretation of the horoscope.
Conclusion: The sample is way to small to give some decent information. Very disappointing in fact if we compare this with Astrodienst's free compatibility horoscopes!
CosmiTec's rating:                    Reviewed: November 2003

Astrodienst AG
What did we select? Astro Click Love and Love, Flirtation, and Sex
What did we get? The Love, flirtation, and Sex Report (by John Townley) is a short edition of the astrOtext Love report. This short report gives an interpretation of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in the signs AND the houses, as well as an interpretation of the ascending sign. The report also gives a listing of the planetary and house positions as well as a listing of the planetary aspects. The birth-data can be saved so that you can always look at the interpretations of these free compatibility horoscopes again. We were very astonished by the accuracy of the interpretations, the more because, in the past, we have seen different interpretations from other online services that ask money for astrological profiles of this kind. Definitely, these other services can't cope with the profiles that Astrodienst AG provides. The fact that Astrodienst AG delivers these short interpretations for free is very positive and a right decision too. As the delineations of these free compatibility horoscopes are quite accurate, the reader may get interested in more.... and may even become interested in astrology. The Astro Click Love shows your personal chart wheel on the web site of Astrodienst. Clicking on a planet gives a popup window (so, you should enable popup windows on your computer for this report) in which you can find a listing of the planets in the house and the aspects they receive. Again we even have not seen that much information in astrological profiles we have paid for at other services. You do get a lot of information for free here! Conclusion: The free compatibility horoscopes were short, but most accurate. The content of the free compatibility horoscopes from Astrodienst AG are very to the point and unsurpassed, considering that quite a lot of other astrological services give less content for a big price!
CosmiTec's rating:                       Reviewed: October 2003

What did we select? The Composite for Lovers Report
What did we get? We first had to create the profiles for the respective persons, even if we saved our profiles on an earlier occasion... It seemed our profiles were lost or could not be found anymore. The Composite for Lovers Report is just a sample of the full-length report, delineated for the planetary positions at noon. This free compatibility report gave us in about 6 pages (text-format) a fairly good idea of the content of the full-length report. The report described some planetary aspects in the Composite Chart. The descriptions of the free compatibility horoscopes were well-done, even if we found them not always to be that insightful. Considering this is a free report, we find it a fair deal.
CosmiTec's rating:                     Reviewed: February 2004

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